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Why The Adrenals Glands Cause Sleep Disturbances.

Dr Hagmeyer a Holistic Functional Medicine practitioner, explains the “Why The Adrenal Glands Cause Sleep Disturbances”- If you feel wired and tired just prior to going to bed or you wake up between one and three am, you are most likely dealing with an adrenal gland problem.

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People are becoming more aware of the ravages of stress and how it leaks into every aspect of their lives. Stress has a trickle down or domino effect on the body. Increased stress means increased sleep disturbances. As this vicious cyle goes unabated, your adrenal shut down.

Poor Sleep and Adrenal Function- How Its Connected

There can be several reasons for Insomnia or restless with adrenal fatigue. What we often see in our office are patients who complain of waking between 1:00 and 3:00 AM. If this is you, one of the potential causes has to do with your liver and your blood sugar levels. In order to maintain stable blood sugar levels through the night, your liver will take  glycogen (stored glucose) and convert it to sugar.

Blood sugar is normally low during the early morning hours but, if you are experiencing adrenal fatigue, your blood glucose levels may be dropping so low that hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) symptoms wake you during the night. This is often the case if you have panic or anxiety attacks, nightmares.

adrenal stress test

**Notice how this patients midnight reading is Elevated. This is a classic case of Insomnia caused by Adrenal dysfunction**

What Should You Do If This Is Happening To You?

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