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Ready to Take Back Control of Your Body and Your Health?

There is a reason WHY you feel the way you do. We will work hard to provide you with the answers, treatment, and support that you have been searching for. We will find out your “WHY”

New Patient

What To expect

While we offer many different services and testing options at, if you are looking to establish an ongoing working relationship with Dr Hagmeyer which includes :

You will need to have your Case reviewed by Dr Hagmeyer. Case reviews Fall under two categories. High Complexity Case Review, Medium Complexity Case Review and Low Complexity Case Review.

“I feel so much better. My bowels are the best they’ve been! I have way more energy and feel like doing hobbies and making plans with friends. I actually feel 10 years younger or more! You are a smart doctor. You know which tests to run and how to fix what’s wrong You use top notch supplements and you have a great staff in your office. Thank you!”

Rebbeca H, Indiana


After your initial phone consultation with Dr Hagmeyer, he will better be able to assess which is the most appropriate evaluation and review. There are many factors to consider when determining the kind of case review you will most benefit from. What are your health challenges, how long have you had them, are their multiple systems of the body being affected, what kinds of tests have you already done, how recent are they, what kind of treatment have you received up to this point. These questions and answers are best determined during your initial 15 minute discovery call or your 30 minute ask me anything call. 

What’s Important to Us

Our Approach

Your Experience With Us

You’re not just a number, so we want to make sure this program is the right fit before we embark on this journey! That being said, here are a few steps

we recommend to make sure the fit is right:

Step 1 - Choose your Initial Consult

Choose your initial consult, where we can learn more about your goals and answer any questions.

(Free 15 minute discovery call or 30 minute ask me anything)

Step 2 - Fill Out a Brief Health Questionnaire

Fill out A brief health questionnaire so we can make the most of your phone consult.

I will review this prior to the call and become familiar with your concerns.

Step 3 - Getting Started

If we are a good match for each other, we’ll talk about next steps in getting started.

Taking Control of Your Health Starts Now!

Get Started By Choosing Your Initial Consult

Choose a Free 15 minute consult if you have questions about becoming a patient. 15 minutes goes by fast! Choose a 30 minute consult if you feel you will need more time sharing your health concerns. 

What People Say...

Low Complexity Case Review

Review of your Records prior to your appointment with Dr Hagmeyer. Includes review and follow up visit. 

Moderate Complexity Case Review

Review of your Records prior to your appointment with Dr Hagmeyer. Includes review and follow up visit. 

High Complexity Case Review (Signature Program)

This is a very comprehensive approach/Review that leaves no stone left un-turned.  The Signature program was designed  specifically for the person who is suffering with any of these conditions or multiple conditions at the same time. Includes review and follow up visit.