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Adrenal Fatigue-Is It All In Your Head? Or Is Your Doctor Just Clueless

adrenal fatigue Program Dr HagmeyerIs Adrenal fatigue “all in your head” or does it really exist? That depends what kind of doctor you consult with. Most traditional allopathic doctors (M.D.) only acknowledge the very extremes of adrenal gland dysfunction namely Cushing’s disease or Addison’s disease. Many physicians will even make you think you are crazy if you bring up the notion. But for many Holistic Physicians or doctors who practice Functional Medicine, Adrenal Fatigue is a syndrome seen in every day practice and usualy not in isolation of other health problems. Who you consult for your fatigue, difficulty with focus, concentration, and mood will also determine if you get the right treatment or treatment at all.

Adrenal fatigue is a disorder than is not very specific and can have many different symptoms. While the person may otherwise appear healthy and also have all investigative tests in the normal range, he or she may still be suffering from adrenal fatigue that can manifest either with mild symptoms or be a debilitating condition. What is worse is that many doctors simply reject the premise that a person suffers from adrenal fatigue, saying that there is no such condition.

However, an internet search yields many results, often in medical, alternative medical and book websites, testifying to the actuality of this disorder and the public interest in it.

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Early stages of illness

Before any illness actually shows up, it can have either a long or short gestation period. Some serious ailments can go a long time before they are actually found and may even be asymptomatic. Diseases like cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease may have different stages before they show any symptoms whatsoever and are clinically detectable.

While the body has a great immune system and can fight off many illnesses, the stresses of daily life, modern day pollutants and poor quality of foods all combine to compromise the body’s ability to fight off ailments. Free radicals, both endogenous and exogenous, attack the body at the cellular level and cause damage to the cellular protein and by the age of 50 the damage can be as much as 30 percent. When the repair does not or cannot take place in a timely manner, it can cause mutation in the cells and lead to damaged or dysfunctional organs.

When the body experiences damage

Sub clinical aspects of illness can exist for a long time with minor symptoms and bodily disturbances that can sometimes be found via various diagnostic tests. Among the symptoms that can later lead to major problems are:

  • Borderline hypertension
  • Sub-optimal adrenal function
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Reduced liver detoxification
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Metabolic imbalances
  • Sugar intolerance

As long as tests are in the normal range, conventional medical thinking is that the person is healthy and normal. In fact, autopsy results of people who have suddenly died from heart problems have actually shown clear coronary vessels and all other parameters normal.  However, holistic practitioners and physicians who practice functional medicine, give greater importance to sub-clinical levels of disorders and can offer remedies at an early stage, preventing or retarding disease progression.

Adrenal insufficiency or Addison’s disease

Conventional medical thinking is that adrenal insufficiency is only a real disease when it shows clinical symptoms of adrenal insufficiency and is called Addison’s disease. The diagnosis is confirmed by blood tests and treatment is via steroid drugs. Both conventional and alternative medical practitioners recognize Addison’s as a very real disease.

However, allopathic medicine does not recognize or gives credence to milder cases of adrenal insufficiency. This is actually adrenal fatigue and is looked into and treated by natural and alternative medical practitioners. The trouble is that unless there are diagnostic tests that come up with a definitive diagnosis, conventional medicine simply does not deal with sub-clinical or asymptomatic conditions and does not recognize an individual as a unique entity requiring specialized treatment.

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