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Neuropathy and Anemias. How Anemia is Starving Your Body of Oxygen | Discover Natural Treatment with Dr. Richard Hagmeyer | Naperville, IL

neuropathy reliefI have mentioned many times before how peripheral neuropathy can be caused by an autoimmune condition in which the body is attacked by the immune system. Since there are a small percentage of patients that are not autoimmune, what else could be causing the many of the symptoms?

Anemia may be the answer!  Anemia literally starves your body of oxygen and is a deal-breaker for nutritional support of any kind, including migraine support.

As you may have guessed, oxygen is very important in healing your body.  Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive:  fuel and activation.  Fuel comes in the form of oxygen and glucose. When you deprive your body of oxygen, you deprive your red blood cells (RBCs) of oxygen.  The basic function of the RBCs is to maintain, regenerate, and heal the body. With no RBCs, the body simply cannot operate adequately!

Sometimes certain forms of anemia don’t respond to iron supplements due to the red blood cells break down. Anemia can be due to a variety of reasons and factors, including B12 anemia or pernicious anemia, an autoimmune disease.

Often times when this happens, supplementing cannot increase iron levels and can, in fact, often times, make the problem much, much worse.  Too much iron in the body is much more toxic than mercury, lead or other heavy metals. 

Proper treatment starts with the complete understanding of what is going wrong. We are not going to look at a couple limited markers and give you a generic treatment.

We ARE going to do a complete metabolic workup that is going to look at everything that has the potential to affect your Neuropathy. Your hormone system, immune system, and neurological system all work in harmony and any effective treatment must look at all of these at once.

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