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Perimenopause and Depression

Perimenopause And The Connection to Sadness, Anxiety and Depression

Does depression affect you? Are you having other perimenopause symptoms? It is important to understand that depression and perimenopause symptoms can be related. Learn why depression is more common during perimenopause and what natural approaches you can take to feel better.

While depression may occur at any point during perimenopause, it is more prevalent in the mid to later stages. As your testosterone levels start to decline around mid-perimenopause, this is the time that depression may appear. When this happens, your sex drive could be greatly diminished, you may have less interest in sexual intimacy and your energy levels could drop significantly. Then later, when you start having classic perimenopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness, your estrogen levels drop and this also contribute to depression.

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Many natural treatments have received attention for depression in the media, with St. Johns Wort receiving a lot of press as a natural antidepressant. Approaching depression from a Functional and Diagnostic Medicine standpoint, though, will give you customized treatments for the underlying cause rather than a natural alternative to an antidepressant.

Avoid A Doctor Who Does This

With the Functional Medicine approach, you work with a practitioner who looks at the whole picture. This is the key to restoring your well being and preventing many health problems down the road. Avoid physicians who are quick to prescribe or compound bio-identical hormones without looking at the entire picture. It is important to have your hormones retested every few months once a hormone restoration program has been instituted.

I have a video you should watch if you are considering taking bio-identical hormones. see my video here

I am not opposed to implementing bio-identical hormones and at times I do recommend them, however, it is important that you take a strategy that is personalized and that targets the areas of your life that are contributing to your symptoms.

Our Hormone Rescue and Recovery Program is a Natural Treatment for women who suffer with Perimenopause and change of life symptoms.

Our office utilizes Nutritional Supplements, Dietary Modifications, Nutritional Counseling, Advanced Testing, Hormone and Endocrine Support and Lifestyle Guidance to help you feel good again.

To schedule an appointment or free 15 minute Phone consultation for you or a loved one call us at 630-718-0555 or fill out our short questionnaire here. Once we receive your questionnaire, a new patient Care Coordinator will contact you for our next opening phone consult.

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