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Dr Richard Hagmeyer Reviews- I was in a Very Dark Hole- Thyroidectomy, Chest Pains

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This is health CARE! Dr. Hagmeyer wants you to improve and heal. Crazy huh!? I finally found a Dr who I could work with. And who would work with me. It’s a team thing. I need to do my end of it- -eat right, and follow instructions to a T.

He explains what kind of supplements he’ll put me on and why. I’m very involved in my own healing. It’s not like he’s “gonna fix it for ya”. But without him, I would have no clue. Probably eat turmeric and think I’m cured! I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues due to a very bad gut and thyroidectomy (I supposedly had to do a while back).

I wish I had known about Dr.Hagmeyer many years ago. I’m certain he would’ve been able to heal my gut back then and I would never had to deal with all this crap I’ve been dealing with the last 15 years. It’s been a roller coaster of feeling better and then a few fall backs, but a lot shorter episodes of the fall backs. Believe me, I’ve been in a very dark hole. Now I can breathe better, chest pains subsided, sleep better, less anxious and less angry. I’m more positive than I have ever been and most importantly I feel alive again

Yes, he charges for his care, as he should. I rather see my money go to real health CARE than to a Dr that constantly puts a band-aid on, or suppress my issues and later just makes me more ill. This is organic healing. It takes time. Humans are organic and it’s great when we can heal that way too.

The office is treating me very well! Kim and Gina are very responsive. I’m out of state so I e-mail them when I have a quick question. Start to care for yourself, listen to your body. I’m very thankful my husband searched the internet and found Dr.Hagmeyer.

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