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Neurological Problems Linked to Foods That Are Made From Wheat
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Hi Dr Hagmeyer here and if you are suffering with any kind of chronic neurological health problem, (Migraines and headaches, balance issues, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, brain fog, or chronic pain- just to name a few—you are not going to want to miss today’s video.

If I just described you— one of the very first things you can do from a dietary standpoint is eliminate wheat gluten. Gluten is what gives dough it’s elasticity and anything that you eat that comes from wheat, has gluten in it.

BUT… what if you have already eliminated wheat gluten and you only noticed a marginal improvement in your neurological health, or your digestive health or your thyroid health?

Well… Before you go back to eating gluten because you didn’t think eliminating it made a difference, I want you to know there are other foods that could and should be eliminated. These foods are better known as Cross Reactive foods.

What are those foods? well that’s is what we are going to talk about in todays video post.

While eliminating wheat and whole grains from your diet is an excellent and necessary step for improving neurological function in people who have a gluten sensitivity, most of the time, it is not enough, especially in individuals who have a more complicated health problem.

Many people mistakenly think is that as longs as they boil, cook, sprout, ferment, soak their seeds, nuts or other grains… that this will eliminate the toxic damage that the lectin component of the grain or the seed can cause. And again this is not entirely true.

Lectins are carbohydrate binding proteins and they are found in grains, plants, nuts, and night shaded vegetables… and what that means to you is that they do damage by binding  or attaching to parts of the intestines where absorption of nutrients take place (this is called the brush borders) and when they do this they can create whole body inflammation, and block nutrient absorption leading to all sorts of vitamin Deficiencies.

So its this mechanism of (binding to brush border) that causes many of the GI symptoms to show up. diarrhea, vomiting, vitamin deficiencies.

Now just a little background information on lectins if you don’t already know this… and this is amazing to me in that from an evolutionary standpoint lectins, have evolved to withstand digestion (or breakdown) of its structure through a wide range of pH and temperatures. Its almost like a built in survival tactic so the plant, nut, bean, grain can continue to populate planet earth despite the extremely acidic environment of whoever is trying to prey upon it.

So what does this have to do with migraines, balance issues, MS, Brain Fog, Hormonal problems, thyroid issues?

More and more studies are showing the neurological consequences of eating not only lectins that come from wheat but also the lectins found in soy beans, kidney beans and many kinds of nuts.

Several recent studies have shown that these lectins can cross the protective barrier of the brain called the BBB and once past this barrier than can attach to the protective coating called the myelin sheath and trigger and inflammatory response by which the immune system begins to attack the nerve system.

Remember lectins are sticky structures and so when they attach to parts of our body, our immune system sees them the immune system and want to attack them and kill them. The only problem here is that your immune system is attacking the tissues those lectins have attached themselves too.  This is the basis for autoimmunity and this has also been documented in those who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis.

In people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis, this is where the immune system destroys the myelin sheath and this breakdown impairs the signaling of nerve impulses.

Here again, Study after study shows that there IS a dietary component to autoimmunity and myelin sheath breakdown that is caused by lectins and gluten proteins. There is a test we run in our office that helps us identify this.

So the point I want you to remember about today’s video is that what we eat can have a massive impact on creating health or creating and more importantly perpetuating sickness and disease. 

So… if you suffer with migraines, depression, dizziness, equilibrium problems, chronic pain, RA, MS or any other Digestive and neurological problem affecting your brain you, contact my office so we can help you make the necessary dietary changes to help support and heal your body.

Well… I hope you found this video valuable in your quest for better health. Please share it with friends and loved ones.

Remember health comes from the inside, and if we continue to put the wrong foods into our bodies, no amount of medication is going to fix this. It is becoming clearer and clearer every day, the foods we eat are either promoting health or promoting disease.

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