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WGA-The Toxic Effects of Sprouted Grains- Wheat Germ Agglutinin

WGA-The Toxic Effects of Sprouted Grains- Wheat Germ Agglutinin- By Dr Richard Hagmeyer

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Hi Dr Hagmeyer here and we are continuing along with our video series on Gluten, Lectins, Chiten binding proteins, and WGA or wheat germ agglutinin.

I work and consult with many sick people, people who have chronic health problems, healthy problems like fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, diabetics, people who suffer with chronic pain and I often receive daily emails from people all over the world, wanting to know what they can do to restore their health from a dietary approach.

Many believe….. they are eating very healthy… they go onto to tell me that they only buy gluten free cookies, gluten free cereals, they only give their children whole wheat and sprouted bread like Ezekiel bread.

And they are so proud of what there doing, It is almost painful for me to tell them that they are doing it all wrong and that their efforts are in part still causing them to be sick.

So if that’s you, this is a gentle reminder that whole wheat including its sprouted varieties, (which are the ones) being touted in magazines, on the Dr shows on TV , in magazines, as the healthiest.

In fact these sprouted varieties that often contain the highest amounts of WGA.

But aside from high amounts of WGA, wheat also contains a number of other potentially health-harming components, including:

Gliadin, Glutennins, Gluteomorphins- which have a morphine affect on the brain. Phytic Acid and And Enzyme inhibitors.

Most people who have followed  “traditional ways”  of eating have probably tried sprouting, fermenting and cooking in efforts of reducing enzyme inhibitors, but realize that sprouted grains still contain, the gliadin, the glutennin and gluteomorhins among many other toxic compounds.

Part of “our” problem with lectins is that our bodies are unable to digest and break them down partly because lectins can withstand the acidity of our stomach.

Because lectins are so small, and difficult to digest, they tend to bio-accumulate in your body, and interfere with biological processes like Brain function, digestive function, reproduction, fertility,

If you are familiar with endocrine disruptors like BPA, (Bisphenol A) which is found in plastics then you know that repeated exposure is capable of disrupting the hormonal balance. Because they build up in our body.

So Let me tell you 9 things about Lectins You may not be aware of and some of the health-harming properties they exert on the body.

1) WGA can cause systemic inflammation in your body– inflammation is at the root of all disease processes including strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, asthma,

2) WGA is toxic to the immune system– studies show its connection to autoimmune disorders.

3) WGA can be toxic to the nerve system- your nerve system controls and coordinates all activities of the body. Lectins have been shown to play a part in neurological disorders such as Multiple sclerosis, periperal neuropathy, migraines and depression.

4) WGA is toxic to the cells- it impairs cells from carrying out normal function

5) WGA can interfere with Gene Expression

6) WGA can disrupt Endocrine Function (hormones, Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone)

7) WGA can be damaging to the heart. (blood vessels)

8) WGA can effect Digestive Function leading to poor absorption of vitamins, minerals, but also promoting inflammation within the gut.

9) WGA and the amino acid sequence can be similar in structure to certain Viruses which can play a role in molecular mimicry. (promoting autoimmune disease)

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