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Identifying The Triggers Involved in Autoimmune Thyroid Disease| Dr Hagmeyer Video Environmental Triggers in

Have you ever stopped to wonder WHY  and WHAT is causing your thyroid disorder? Did you know that the most current research shows that their are many triggers or factors involved in causing thyroid disease. There is not one singular cause. These Triggers, once identified can be the pivotal point in correcting your thyroid condition and getting your life back.

Unless these triggers are identified, you will never experience optimal health and your health will continue to spiral downward . In this video, Dr. Hagmeyer, explains how toxicity (fluoride, Iodine) and environmental triggers can aggravate your thyroid disease. For more information about Dr Hagmeyer and his Thyroid recovery program visit his website,

10 Steps To Optimizing and Supporting Your Thyroid Function.

  • Identify problems related to the barriers of the Gut
  • Identify inflammation and Support the Immune System
  • Identify any problems related to blood sugar dys-regulation
  • Identify specific Micronutrient, vitamin, anti-oxidant imbalances
  • Identify and eradicate hidden infections, parasites,
  • Identify Hormonal imbalances related to the adrenal glands.
  • Identify specific foods that you have sensitivities too.
  • Identify hormonal imbalances related to the male and female steroid hormone.
  • Support detoxification and liver function.
  • Support the Hypothalamus, Neurological system and neurotransmitters.


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