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Alternative Thyroid Treatments-Dr. Hagmeyer Explains

According to the most recent estimates, there are more than 30 million people worldwide and ten million Americans who suffer from hypothyroidism and most of them are women. This is a disease that occurs when the thyroid gland has been weakened. The thyroid can be damaged and compromised due to the effects of poor nutrition, lifestyle choices, too much medical intervention, high levels of stress and thyroid toxicity. The person who is experiencing hypothyroidism suffers because their body is unable to produce an adequate amount of vital hormones.

Why Has My Thyroid Stopped Working Effectively?

Conventional medicine perpetuates the view that Hypothyroidism is simply another autoimmune disease. This view necessitates that they reject all legitimate contributory factors such as those named above including stress and poor nutrition. Our holistic approach (which includes alternative medicine, lifestyle changes, natural treatments, targeted nutritional supplementation) believes that the immune system is reacting to toxicity. The immune system only attacks things in the body which it has determined to be toxic.

What Are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism?

Some of the most common symptoms that are associated with Hypothyroidism include:

  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Brittle Hair and Nails
  • Heavy menstrual cycles

Understanding Natural Treatment Options For Hypothyroidism

In order to best understand Hypothyroidism, you must recognize the roles that nutrition and diet play in the solution. Our constant consumption of soy and fluoride (from sources such as tap water and toothpaste) all contribute to the toxicity of the thyroid. Eventually a body that is nutritionally deficient develops a hormone imbalance and a weakened thyroid.

The medical establishment believes the answer to hypothyroid treatment is the prescribing of hormone pills. This solution is problematic because the synthetic hormone causes the body to stop doing the natural work of producing hormones and the result is that the patient is then forced to continue the medication for the rest of their life.

Alternative medicine treatments of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism require the patient’s commitment to detoxify their body. Traditional treatments such as synthetic hormones are very addictive and the patient must be effectively weaned from the drugs in order to avoid a severe reaction such as extreme fatigue or increased toxicity.

Natural Remedies to Help You Cure Hypothyroidism

  • Eliminate any Soy from your diet. (Soy cause hormone imbalances, is shown to grow goiters and in general it suppresses thyroid function).
  • Follow an Alkaline Diet. Find and stick to the recommendations of a PH food chart.
  • Balance your estrogen levels. Eliminate non-organic meats and reduce your dairy intake.
  • Maintain Healthy Blood sugar levels
  • Stop using Fluoride. It is important to avoid all fluoride as it is quite possibly the leading cause of hypothyroidism.
  • Incorporate a natural diet. Your body needs to heal itself. Help it to do so by eliminating processed foods, colors, hydrogenated oils, white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Go organic.

In some instances it is necessary to recommend thyroid medications however; the plan should be to work toward wholeness and bringing the body back to a healthy state. Worse still, ignoring these underlying problems may actually lead to other more serious conditions such as heart disease later on if not addressed. The responsible option when dealing with the problem of hypothyroidism is to avoid the practice of only treating the symptoms thus ignoring the original causes of the hypothyroidism, and change your eating and nutrition habits in order to achieve wellness and health that is permanent. There are natural treatments that often times are able to reverse the disease and effects of hypothyroidism.

Dietary Changes For Chronic Fatigue and Low Thyroid

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