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Why Gall Bladder Function is Important when You have Thyroid Disease

The Balancing Act of Hormones

Are you familiar with what the gallbladder does and how it affects your health?

Do you know about the negative consequences of having your gall bladder removed?

Do you know about the important role your Gallbladder plays with the balance of hormones.

If you stay tuned, I will explain just how important this organ is and why you need it!

If you have had it removed stay with us because there is important information in this article as it related to the Gallbladder-Thyroid function.

If you suspect you have a gall bladder problem either causing or contributing to your thyroid disorder you are not alone.

It is also estimated that 30 million Americans or 1 in 10 have liver, billiary or gallbladder disease and if you have a Thyroid disorder or female hormone imbalances the chances of having a problem with your gallbladder are almost guaranteed to increase significantly.

One of the main reasons for this is because someone without a gallbladder or a malfunctioning gallbladder will have problems breaking down fats as well as absorbing fat soluble vitamins like A,D,E, K. All which have been shown to be critical in their own way as it relates to thyroid function.

Here is what happens with Gallbladder problems.

  • Poor breakdown of fats leads to thick, sluggish bile and fat malabsorption.
  • This thick and sluggish bile, in turn will interfere with digestion of fats, hormone metabolism and the clearing of excess hormones from your body.
  • Your bodys ability to rid of waste and excess hormones is compromised by a poorly functioning gallbladder and can lead to estrogen Dominance.
  • Estrogen dominance can not only affect and cause Low thyroid Symptoms but also problems with the small intestines and lead to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth ie SIBO.

Another important function of Bile relates to the Thyroid. Some studies show as much as 60% of inactive T4 Thyroid Hormone is converted into active T3 Thyroid hormone in the Liver.  This is why optimal hormone balance, liver, gallbladder function is so essential to the Thyroid.

In my practice, I work with many women who suffer with female hormone imbalances, infertility, and Hypothyroidism most if not all of them have some form of gallbladder disease. I often find gall bladder problems associated with a condition known as estrogen dominance.

This is why if you are working on restoring hormone balance naturally you should have your hormones evaluated using a comprehensive hormone saliva sample. A good holistic doctor will always run a hormone panel BEFORE prescribing hormones. Please do not start taking bio-identical hormones without having your hormone levels checked. I see many holistic doctors, simply prescribe hormones without ever testing. This can be dangerous in some cases. In my office we run a Comprehensive Salivary Female Hormone panel.

90% of woman feel lousy on

In a past article, I have explained the Relationship Between Estrogen Dominance And Gallbladder Issues and if you have not read this article I encourage you to go back and read that article here

If you suffer with gallbladder problem and experiencing the common symptoms (bloating, gas, stomach pain, constipation, your most likely avoiding certain foods.

Reality check number one is that this does not correct or addressing the cause and it eventually causes more distress to the body.

If you continue to ignore gall bladder symptoms your ability to break down fats and fat soluble vitamins will be compromised.

Do you suffer with vitamin D deficiency? If you have Hypothyroidism and problems with cholesterol which most thyroid sufferers do (high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low HDL, high LDL, low vitamin D) your doctor has most likely prescribed Zocor, Crestor, Lipitor or some other statin to lower your cholesterol but this will not address the cause of your problem.

If this is happening to you, don’t settle for just taking statins and call it a day. You need to understand WHY this is happening and address the root cause.

The Jupiter Study Shows Statins Aggravate Type II Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems

On February 28, 2012, the FDA announced a warning that all statin drugs – the best known are Lipitor and Crestor – could raise blood sugar, aggravate Type II diabetes, and create cognitive impairment.

And as I’ve also mentioned in past articles, having a good digestive function is critical for someone who suffers with Thyroid Disease, Hormone imbalances, Immune system problems or nutritional deficiencies.

If the gallbladder problem is not addressed, then of course the individual will continue to have the thick, sluggish bile, which will continue to interfere with Thyroid and hormone metabolism, and it overall will affect the digestive process as well.

A big part of the recovery process implemented at The Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions revolves eating well and taking certain nutritional supplements aimed at correcting faulty biochemistry.

The Personal Female Hormone Optomization Program is a Natural Treatment for woman suffering with Hormone imbalances, Menopause, Perimenopause, Low Thyroid function, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto’s problems. Our office utilizes nutritional supplements, Dietary modifications, Hormone and endocrine support formula, and lifestyle guidance.

1. To Schedule a Free 15 minute Phone Consult to see if this program is right for you Fill out Thyroid book Dr Hagmeyerour online questionnaire.

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3. Still have questions? Our Free 15 minute personalized Phone consult is a great place to start.

We’re here to listen and help you through this frustrating and confusing time.

Each person suffering with Thyroid symptoms problem has a different set of mechanisms or causes. Our office will customize a Thyroid Restoration Program based on your testing and tailored to your individual needs.

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Points to remember about this article

  • In summary, many woman with hypothyroidism often have a condition known as estrogen dominance, and this in turn can lead to problems with the gallbladder.
  • Restoring health naturally, requires an investigation into estrogen dominance and correcting this problem. This can improve the functioning of the gallbladder and aid in digestion and can also improve absorption of fat soluble vitamins.
  • As you can see gallbladder issues can stem by hormone imbalances from the thyroid or by high levels of estrogen.
  • Ignoring Estrogen Dominance will interfere with your hormones, the digestive process, absorption of nutrients.
  • Everything is connected. This is why restoring your health requires a practitioner who will look at the BIG picture.
  • To restore healthy Gallbladder function, you need to take action steps that include a full thyroid workup, a comprehensive female hormone panel, and understanding the role of good healthy digestion.

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