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Natural Treatment Methods for Hashimotos Hypothyroidism

Functional Medicine and Thyroid doctor explain how to naturally treat and reverse symptoms of Hashimotos disease. Thyroid Doctor explains how to naturally treat and reverse many of the symptoms associated with Hashimotos disease

path to successI have received this question several times from Hashimoto’s sufferers several times this month and so I decided to post my response. I wanted to address this question here on the blog because I know many people out there desperately want to know if Hashimoto’s can be cured and reversed. Many people suffering with this disease think that are going to have to live with it and the symptoms it causes for the rest of their life. They want to know if they are going to have to just live with the awful symptoms of this disease, that is ravaging their body.

I am going to tell you emphatically that THERE IS HOPE for Hashimoto’s sufferers. The disease process going on in your body, if you have Hashimoto’s CAN be turned down.

Let me explain: The most important thing to understand is that Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease not a thyroid disease. The problem is the immune attack on the thyroid. The immune system has turned against the thyroid gland and is slowly attacking and killing it. This is why Hashimotos sufferers go through bouts of Hyperthyroidism and Hypothryoidism. As the destruction of the thyroid continues, the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 spills out hormones into the blood stream. This is what causes the fluctuating hyperthyroid and hypothryoid symptoms. This is also why many sufferers have lab results (T4) that will fluctuate from high to low.

Learn more about the symptoms of HYPER-thyroidism here and HYPO-thyroidism Here

From the scientific literature we know that Hashimoto’s has a genetic component and a MODIFIABLE lifestyle . This means that Hashimoto’s sufferer’s are born with the genes that make them susceptible, but at some point the genes are “turn on” and the process of tissue (thyroid)destruction begins.

The question becomes, what were the mechansims that turned on the genes. If you have read past posts, then you realize that the approach in our office addresses these Modifiable factors. If you look below, you will some of the mechanism behind the autoimmune attack.

If you have young children at home, then you want to take every precautionary method possible to prevent this from happening to them.

factors influencing thyroid

Now we don’t have an “off” switch for Hashimoto’s. We can’t simply flip the switch and turn the disease “off.” But we DO have a “dimmer” switch. at the Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions, here in Naperville IL, we can turn down the dimmer switch on the destructive immune process until it is almost imperceptible. We have utilized all of the latest research on Hashimoto’s and the autoimmune process, to systematically detect and remove immune triggers and properly support the proper branch of the immune system. We can naturally balance, calm, and modulate the immune system with the aid of advanced immune panels and all-natural protocols.

This means that it is possible to be YOU again. With energy and zeal for life!

If you suffer with Hashimoto’s and all of the horrible, persistent, hypothyroid symptoms and hyperthyroid symptoms, don’t let anyone tell you that taking Synthroid or Armour is all that you need to do. In many cases, this doesnt even scratch the surface. Doctors who tell you that nothing can be done, are not aware of the most recent breakthroughs in hormone, immune, digestive and neurological therapies that are changing lives across the country.

Don’t sit around while your immune system is being destroyed day in and day out.

You CAN feel normal again. You CAN get your life back. You have a choice to make….settle for The Standard of Care…which means excepting that you are going to feel lousy for the rest of your life…or you can explore a non drug, natural approach to thyroid recovery with the Naperville Institute For Neuro-metabolic Solutions Hashimoto’s Treatment Program. There is no program like it!

To request a free GUIDE that explains many of the details of our highly successful Hashimoto’s Recovery program you can dowload by filling out the from to the right.  If you suffer with Hashimoto’s then I am sure this guide will be of tremendous value to you. It holds the keys to regaining your health. Request a copy and judge for yourself.

This Free Guide will Help…….

  • If you have all the classical symptoms of low thyroid but your doctor tells you that your labs are normal.
  • If your doctor balanced your labs with thyroid hormones (Synthroid, Levothyroxine, or Armour) and yet you still don’t feel Normal.
  • If you want to understand WHY your thyroid gland stopped working in the first place.
  • If you want to pursue an approach that deals with the underlying root cause and not just cover up the symptoms with medications.
  • Your tired of waiting around for your thyroid gland to completely shut down — and want a solution.
  • If you have had your thyroid gland removed — and you want to be able to lose weight and not feel tired and sluggish all the time.

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