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Naperville IBS Relief and Recovery Program|A Successful Plan for the Treatment of IBS Dr. Hagmeyer Explains.

Naperville IBS Doctor Shares A Successful Plan for the Treatment of IBS

If you have been suffering with IBS symptoms, I want to share with you my approach to the treatment of IBS and other GI related issues. This natural approach to IBS, offers amazing relief and to my knowledge has not failed yet! This is why I want to share it with those who are suffering.

Many of the patients who visit the Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions are tired, frustrated and worn out from battling IBS or other GI related problems. And if you are reading this article then you or a loved one can probably relate.

woman on bathroom floorMost of our patients find about our office from a friend or loved one who has gone through our program with great results.

Sadly, many of these patients come to our office after having spent thousands of dollars on testing, being scoped, pricked and probed from top to bottom (no pun intended) only to find out that the testing they have had done, tells us nothing about what needs to be done to fix their problem.

Many problems relating to the Gastrointestinal system are Functional problems where typical blood work, and imaging is unable to identify where the problem is really coming from.

A typical patients Who Consults with The Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions has this story. Can you relate?

The search usually begins at their general practitioners office and after many years of deteriorating health without answers and frustration finally set in. Frustration leads most IBS sufferers to the internet where you can find some good, but mostly bad and inaccurate information.

Some people will find self treatment books in a bookstore that aim at nothing more than trying to treat symptoms with a cookie cutter recipe or approach. It kind of looks like this, take this probiotics, this enzyme and this detox program. These self help books have a hit or miss approach and when they work, they only work for a short period of time before all of the symptoms of diarrhea, cramping bloating and fatigue set in again. More time passes and you go from doctor to doctor taking one medication after the next. More frustration with not only conventional treatment but now also holistic treatment. It is the approach that failed, not you!

Taking bottles and bottle of supplements by themselves Without a plan, Without Testing, Without a logical Step by Step approach Is A Waste of Time and Hard Earned Money.

Granted it is less toxic than medication, and it doesn’t have side effects, but it is nothing more than an attempt to suppress symptoms. It’s what I call “green medicine”. You guess about what might be wrong and you take this supplement or that supplement hoping it will make you feel better.

Maybe you have tried eliminating certain foods, or you have taken probiotics and maybe you have even taking digestive enzymes. This is great! but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get well and get rid of your symptoms for good, you are going to need a clear concise plan or method of attack.

It’s now time to take a step back and looked at the BIG PICTURE. My approach is very different and its what I Refer to as The BIG PICTURE.

Dr. Hagmeyer’s Big Picture IBS Approach,  Leaves No Stone Left Unturned In Finding The Cause Behind Your IBS Condition.

After the consultation and review of your blood work, we then run functional lab testing, We test very crucial areas and components of a person’s health. Once the testing comes back, we then have a clear approach and can begin to prioritize which one of these 10 components needs to be addressed first. This step by step process eliminates the guesswork as to what to do at any time during their program.

Remember before you ever have a IBS or other GI realated Problem, you had a lifestyle problem that has resulted in a set of symptoms dysfunction and disease. To get well you have to go back and find the lifestyle problems, and the dysfunction. Only then can you help the body heal itself.

Dr. Hagmeyers IBS Step by Step Recovery Process Revolve Around These Core Elements:

IBS Keys Dr Hagmeyer

1. A Food Sensitivity and Cross Reactive Food Panel— IBD, IBS, Crohn’s, Celiac or colitis patient may never get well without learning what foods are improperly crossing over from the inside of your gastrointestinal system into your bloodstream, creating an immune response that then builds chemistry that contributes to inflammation. If you are accepted into our program, I will arrange for you to receive a test collection kit and blood drawn.

2. Re-establish Normal Bacterial Balance— Remember what antibiotics and other lifestyle influences did to your population of healthy bacteria? We Will Work on restoring and repopulating the good types of bacteria species and restoring the best we can the gut micro biota.

3. Decrease gastrointestinal and Systemic Inflammation— Individuals who have inflammation in the gut (GI) also have inflammation in the brain. (Just google Leaky Brain, Leaky Gut and inflammation) Eliminate inflammation and improve absorption is the key to improving many of the symptoms that come along with IBS. Brain Fog, Fatigue, Memory problems, ADD, ADHD, Irritability, Anxiety and even depression.

4. Improve Digestion —Specific digestive enzymes to eliminate gas and bloating, indigestion, heartburn, pain, cramps and reflux and aid in absorption.

5. Identify any Hormonal imbalancesthat are contributors. Blood Sugar,Thyroid, Adrenals, Male and Female Hormones. Hormones are a major cause of IBS and Gastrointestinal problems. They are often overlooked especially Thyroid.

6. Identify Leaky Gut and its Causes- Leaky Gut may be caused by an autoimmune condition. We offer some of the most advanced testing that helps us Identify where and what the cause may be.

7. Dietary Modification and Changes- I will identify and teach you why you have to eliminate certain foods. I will also show you how to look for hidden dairy as well as Hidden gluten. Hint: if you are consuming “Gluten Free Foods” you are still consuming gluten.

IBS Guide Dr Hagmeyer

All of these “Key Factors” must be Investigated and addressed at the same time. It’s the difference between Success and Failure. The difference between Getting your Life back and Suffering.

Request our Free Guide by filling out your name and email in the box to your right. Once we receive your request you will receive our 20+ page guide by email in just a few short minutes.

This Guide explains information you need to know in order to Recover from IBS or other GI issues.
Each person suffering with IBS, Celiac, Crohn’s or any other GI problem has a different set of mechanisms or causes. Our office will customize a GI Restoration Program that is tailored to your individual needs based on advanced 21st Century testing.

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