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Improving Stamina And Energy When Going Through Perimenopause and Menopause

Improving Stamina and Energy When Going Through The Change

staminaWhere has all your energy gone? Is perimenopause leaving you feel drained? Energy levels zapped? Do you feel that you are on a conveyer belt just going through life day after day? If perimenopause is leaving you exhausted, then your adrenal glands are most likely overworked and fatigued.

A major energy-depleting factor is stress. Stress can deplete your adrenal function completely, especially if it is long term.

A Functional Medicine approach with a holistic practitioner can help you get your energy levels back with a personalized plan to rebalance your system, support your adrenals and get you re-energized.

Adrenal fatigue, unfortunately, is very common. Many who suffer from it remain undiagnosed or get misdiagnosed.  Others visit physician after physician to find a diagnosis. Some settle on living as they are and suffer in silence.  Only a few get properly diagnosed.  And then, even those who are properly diagnosed often do not get the appropriate treatment or are only given treatment for the adrenal fatigue symptoms.  When only the symptoms are addressed and not the underlying cause, the condition will never be resolved.

The main symptom of adrenal fatigue is chronic fatigue. Often, remedies to increase energy levels or promote rest and relaxation become the focus, whether they are self-prescribed or prescribed as therapy from a physician. This is beneficial in the course of treatment, but if it is the only focus of treatment, it only addresses the individual symptom of chronic fatigue and does nothing to correct the underlying imbalance.

During the process of diagnosis, one of the most important things to determine is the current stage of adrenal dysfunction and the severity of the condition.  If you are unfamiliar with the stages of adrenal dysfunction, read my article called Stages of Adrenal Fatigue.   In some cases, a one-size-fits-all treatment may do more harm than good.

Lear more about proper testing for Adrenal Fatigue Here.

If You Started Treatment With A Physician or by Self treating, and You Failed To Notice Improvement, it is most likely due to any of the following reasons:

  • the treatment is only addressing the symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • the treatment is not correcting the adrenal dysfunction
  • the treatment does not match the person’s stage of adrenal dysfunction
  • the treatment is not customized ~ it MUST address the stage AND severity of adrenal dysfunction

An individualized treatment approach is the only thing that will resolve adrenal fatigue. To bring the body back into balance, the stage and severity of the adrenal fatigue must be identified and treatment tailored to the individual based on the test results and on the person’s habits.

The objective of treatment is to reset your adrenal gland function. This will lower the output of cortisol and bring DHEA levels back to normal.  Functional and Diagnostic Medicine uses a multifaceted strategy that is individualized to bring balance to your system.  For most people, this could take 6 to 18 months, based on the condition of your health, the length of time you have been suffering with adrenal imbalances, daily stressors, The strategy taken in our office includes:

  1. Managing Blood Sugar Levels
  2. Restoring Cortisol and HPA Axis to Normal Function
  3. Restoring DHEA to Normal Levels
  4. Managing the Body’s Stress Response
  5. Lowering Adrenal-Hormones-to-Estrogen Conversion
  6. Lowering or Eliminating Food Allergies/Sensitivities and Environmental Allergies
  7. Increasing Energy from the Cellular Level
  8. Reducing Inflammation
  9. Balancing Structural and Neurological Influences on Cortisol Production
  10. Optimizing Gastrointestinal Absorption, Liver and Gall bladder Function,

Dr. Hagmeyer has helped women with perimenopause symptoms, Thyroid Problems, Chronic and adrenal fatigue Syndrome, autoimmune problems and other challenging chronic health conditions across the US and throughout the world.

The key to turning your energy level around is to understand the root cause of why your adrenal glands may be performing poorly. Sometimes the problem is directly with the adrenals themselves and sometimes the adrenals are only a part of the picture.
See Dr. Hagmeyers video on “8 Dietary changes needed if you suffer from Thyroid or Adrenal Burnout” Here
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Our Individualized Functional Medicine program is tailored to the individual only after we know what’s wrong with you. Dr. Hagmeyer implements a customized approach based on specialized testing and a comprehensive consultation.

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