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Dr Hagmeyer Reviews

“I have learned to eat better…  I have so much more energy, my stomach is not bloated anymore, I have more confidence, anxiety has been reduced by about 75%, and I feel better overall.

Dr Hagmeyer really cares, spends more time trying to help put the pieces together than any medical doctor.

Runs many different kinds of tests to find out what is Truly wrong. You’re either going to spend years to a lifetime masking health issues and not getting better, or you can be proactive and find the root cause from within.”

Joanne W, Illinois

“I am able to make it through the work day without being totally exhausted. I have more stamina and energy to attend social activities. Dr Hagmeyer does the necessary testing to get to the bottom of your problems. If you want to know what is wrong, and what to do to heal it, see Dr Hagmeyer. I have never met another doctor that has so much knowledge with regard to the entire body. Dr Hagmeyer and Kim are extremely committed and dedicated to seeing that your health improves.”

Kathy H, Minnesota

“I feel so much better. My bowels are the best they’ve been! I have way more energy and feel like doing hobbies and making plans with friends. I actually feel 10 years younger or more! You are a smart doctor. You know which tests to run and how to fix what’s wrong. You see the body as whole. It’s all connected and you need to address all the problems in the right order. You use top notch supplements and you have a great staff in your office. Thank you!”

Rebecca H, Indiana

“I was at the point of desperation and exhaustion. Exhausting allopathic medicine, several intense diets, supplements, alternative medicine, professional, etc. SIBO, leaky gut, constipation, depression, anxiety, pain, feeling held hostage by my own body, not able to eat. Felt like there was no point of life. Didn’t want to live if I continued to feel so relentlessly horrible all the time! By an act of God I was grasping for straws and started googling for the 1,000 time of something that may help me in the situation I was in til I came across Dr Hagmeyer’s website. I’ve got my life back! I’m me again. I can think. I can do. I can create again! I practically tell everyone that crosses my path about Dr Hagmeyer’s care! Absolutely wonderful, thorough, personal, particular, focused protocols/approaches to healing each individual body.”

Jenna W, Pennsylvania

“I feel more independent and capable of doing things on my own. I have more energy. Dr Hagmeyer looks to the root cause of issues to find real solutions and not just mask symptoms. Kim is great. I came in initially for my optic neuritis and we also worked on my lifelong anxiety and neck problems which have both improved a lot. I think that everything affects everything and it is very nice to have a doctor who looks at the body (and mind) as a whole and looks for ways for everything to work together to function at their best.”

Rachel W, Maryland

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