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Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review- Autoimmune Thyroid Disease- Well worth it!

happy patients

I have had very professional and courteous health care treatment from Dr. Hagmeyer and his staff. I have made drastic improvements with my Hashimoto’s and other health issues since I started treatment with him 4 months ago.

The cost is expensive, but when you weigh it all out it is worth it because you’re not spending money on toxic medications and ‘crappy’ food! The testing he does goes far and above what conventional medical doctors use.

My MD never diagnosed my Hashimoto’s because she lacked the proper testing! Dr Hagmeyer is very knowledgeable in many areas and has helped me finally begin to heal and feel healthy and happy again. I feel it is money well spent! You just can’t put a price tag on heath and happiness! I highly recommend him!

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