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Chronic Urinary Tract Infections and Natural Treatments That Help.

Urinary Tract Infections During Perimenopause – Natural Treatments That Help Eliminate UTI’s

Did you know that recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are often the signs of either a hormonal imbalance or a sign that you might be entering perimenopause?

If you experience UTI symptoms such as burning, increased urgency and increased frequency that occur more than twice a year or do not respond to antibiotics, it is possible to get relief from these symptoms using a holistic approach with Functional Medicine. There are natural strategies that can eliminate a UTI before it becomes serious as well as reduce the risk of developing one in the first place.

So why does this happen anyway? The two most common causes of UTI’s are:

Hormonal imbalances -this makes sensitive tissue, like the tissue in your bladder, more fragile, therefore more susceptible to bacteria

Underlying digestive issues – this can result from not having the right fatty acids for your bladder tissue to be healthy

These two causes are obviously different and therefore need to be addressed differently. A hormonal imbalance will respond well to the use of bio-identical hormones whereas digestive issues will often respond well to a specific enzyme supplements, which improves the absorption of fatty acids. This can give significant relief from even the most severe urinary tract infection symptoms, even those symptoms resulting from the diagnosis of interstitial cystitis.

Ideally, preventing a urinary tract infection is the goal. There are simple, natural strategies that you can do at home to prevent them. These include:

  1. Staying hydrated ~ fluids moving through the urinary tract prevent bacteria from settling in
  2. Emptying your bladder when you need to- don’t wait
  3. Emptying your bladder completely
  4. Taking probiotics ~ healthy gut flora may reduce the risk of harmful bacteria migrating to the urinary tract
  5. Drinking fresh blueberry and cranberry juice ~ these contain substances that keep bacteria from clinging to the walls of your urinary tract

Good bladder hygiene keeps the urinary tract system working properly and maintains bladder tone. Poor bladder tone makes bladder control more difficult, which is another inconvenient symptom of perimenopause. Decreased pelvic floor tone can also make bladder control more difficult than it should be. Toning the pelvic floor can help.

When you need natural solutions for perimenopause symptoms, like recurrent urinary tract infections, a Functional Medicine approach can make a huge difference.

Click here to find out how Functional Medicine is different and how it can help identify why you continue to experience re-occurring infections.

Our Personal and Customized Hormone Recovery Program, is a Natural Treatment for Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, Hot Flashes, Weight Gain, Thyroid Imbalances, Low Libido, Fatigue as well as other symptoms associated with female hormone imbalances.

Our approach implements Nutritional Supplements, Dietary Modifications, Nutritional Counseling, Advanced Testing, Hormone and Endocrine Support Formulas, and Lifestyle Guidance.

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