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Alternative IBS Treatments

Dr. Hagmeyer is a Holistic Health care Practitioner who works with patients all over the US and Canada. You can learn more about holistic Treatments for IBS by visiting
Alternative IBS Treatments

IBS can be one of the most painful things for you because it affects how frequently you have a bowel movement as well as abdominal pain prior to having that movement. If you are seeking irritable bowel syndrome treatment, we are able to help.

constipation IBS Naperville IBSWe treat IBS differently than many other health care practitioners because we don’t diagnose IBS all on its own. We take the holistic medicine approach, which means we are treating the whole body. We have had significant results with this practice because we conduct a variety of tests, determine the functionality of the organs and create a specific plan that is individualized to you.

By looking at the big picture, we can understand the reason why you are feeling the way you do. Through extensive testing, natural treatments and alternative medicine, we can help you to feel considerably better – and help you overcome the IBS that may have been plaguing you for months or even years.

Irritable bowel syndrome is caused by insufficient digestion. Part of the digestion process is enzymes. These unlock energy in food and make it easy to function on all levels. If you don’t have enough enzymes in your body, it will be difficult to break down certain proteins, fats and carbs. You have an intelligent digestive tract. It produces different enzymes for different types of food.

If your food is not being digested properly, you are absorbing nutrients that are either unusable or not fully broken down. This is what we like to call “leaky gut.” The undigested proteins are leaking into your blood stream and can cause all sorts of health problems – including IBS, which is what you are experiencing now.

Your immune system is going to kick in and set up defense for the partially digested food floating around in your bloodstream. It fails to recognize this as food and instead sees it as a toxic invasion, which is closer to what it really is. This is why you can often experience other problems not associated with your digestive system – fatigue, headaches, body aches, difficulty sleeping and depression. This is because your immune system has weakened because of the toxins in your bloodstream.

The good news is that raw food is full of enzymes. The bad news is that you likely don’t have a diet filled with raw food. Cooking destroys a majority of the enzymes, so you are not left with much. Add that to the fact that “dead” food puts stress on your digestive system and it’s no surprise that you have irritable bowels. It’s fed up with what you are feeding it.

IBS Guide Dr HagmeyerWith the use of our holistic approach, you are going to introduce enzymes back into your diet. This will correct and fix that leaky gut of yours. You should also increase your consumption of raw vegetables, take supplements and minimize the liquid you drink during meals.

The first step is to contact us for your free phone consultation. As we run a variety of tests, we will begin to get an understanding as to how your digestive system is functioning and determine what can be done. Again, this will be a holistic approach, so we will not just be treating IBS. Once you have begun with our treatments, you will find that you not only rid yourself of IBS but you feel healthier all around.

If you visit our site at, I have prepared for you a free report that describes our metabolic approach and how we help those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome.

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