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30 Minute Phone Consult-Ask Me Anything




Thank you for your interest in a 30 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION.-

Over the last ten years, I’ve had the privilege of working with people from all around the world who have struggled with chronic health problems and who are just plain frustrated. Many of these sufferers go from one doctor to the next without any guidance other than “Here take this pill.” That is a sure bet for getting sicker in the years to come!

Chronic Health problems cannot be corrected, reversed or even properly managed with this limited approach.

Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Hashimotos, Female Hormone Imbalances, Leaky Gut, SIBO, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Gluten Sensitivity, Depression and Anxiety all have multiple causes that can be identified with the Principles of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition.

You can take 10 people diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, or Thyroid Disease, and each person has a specific and unique pattern of metabolic dysfunction. A diagnosis is a label, and your label does not tell us what the cause is. This is why dispensing thyroid replacement, antidepressants, cholesterol pills, acid reflux pills, does not work in getting to the Root cause or creating health. Another words, there are many variables when it comes to disease. No one is at the exact same point in the cycle of disease and everyone has a unique set of circumstances, stressors and challenges.

You can learn more about Functional Medicine by watching my video titled “Functional Medicine Explained”

This 3o minute Consult Will Help identify Where you Need to Put Your Energy and Focus.