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Metabolic Assessment Screening




The Discovery Consultation and Metabolic Assessment Screening

It is a Quick Two Step Process

  1. Complete Dr Hagmeyer Metabolic Assessment form which can be downloaded Here
  2. Print up the form, fill it out
  3. email it back to

Once we receive it, Dr Hagmeyer will review it and within a day or two (sometimes same day) schedule a 30 minute consult to discuss the metabolic patterns and imbalances identified. Depending on the imbalances, Dr Hagmeyer may have some suggestions for you to implement right away.

The Metabolic Assessment Profile is a convenient and cost-effective screening of some of the bodies most fundamental functional systems:

  1. Digestion
  2. Blood sugarMAf form image
  3. Adrenal glands
  4. Electrolytes
  5. Stomach hyper acidity
  6. Stomach hypo acidity
  7. Chemical tolerance
  8. Peripheral utilization of sugars
  9. Thyroid
  10. Adrenal
  11. Male Hormones
  12. Female Hormones

The profile is a questionnaire where the patient circles the severity of a symptom (1-3) or the frequency at which that symptom occurs. There are a several questions associated with each category. Each category represents a different system of the body ie Stomach, Thyroid, Blood sugar, adrenals, etc.

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