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Metabolic Weight Loss, Neuro-Metabolic Health, Nutrition Counseling and Wellness Recovery Programs

Our metabolic weight loss programs are designed exclusively for individuals who suffer with any of the symptoms of brain imbalance and metabolic distress, including autoimmunity, brain fog, anxiety, peripheral neuropathy, numbness, vertigo, resistance to weight loss, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and so on. These metabolic weight loss and nutrition counseling programs are extensive, and include laboratory testing and therapeutic treatments. Each program is modified according to age, gender and specific needs.



  1. Determine root cause of your health concerns and changes in metabolic status and brain fitness through Cortisol Dr Hagmeyerfurther specialized testing and treatment. Testing includes comprehensive blood chemistry analysis, including immune antibodies, testing for brain health, food sensitivity, and more. We utilize the best available laboratories and methodologies to assist you in getting to the root cause of your age-related and health concerns.
  2. Develop a customized nutritional support protocol, weekly self care routine, and dietary regimen that is evidence based and supported in the medical literature. A nutritional protocol is not about “taking vitamins” it is about targeted and functional nutrition that has been developed by state of the art laboratories to achieve clinical results. Each person is different, and so lasting results take time; however, my targeted approach is based on the evidence, both clinically and in medical literature, and is intended to eliminate the guesswork you have experienced so far.
  3. Provide tools, further treatment, and additional resources for managing stressful flare ups. Especially for auto immune and neurotoxic patients, the triad of Neuro Endocrine Immune symptoms are usually interconnected in a cascade of complaints that you’ll need to learn how to manage.
  4. Give you Our Best Recommendations for care. If you’re reading this I guarantee it is because your health condition has been minimized repeatedly. First by your regular doctor, then your endocrinologist, certainly your insurance carrier, and probably even by you. To restate that, most of the testing you have received to date is to check for disease. Your metabolic capacity is not diseased though, it is “Out Of Order.” My care recommendations are based on a promise to not minimize you.

Learn More about Dr Hagmeyers Weight loss program
Learn More About Dr Hagmeyers Weight Loss Program


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