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Don’t Try Another Fad Diet or Workout Plan Until Your Read This.


When diet and exercise doesn’t work in helping lose weight, you might think that you are destined to be trapped in this body. Most people mistakenly believe that eating healthy and exercising is the solution to losing weight. Unfortunately, many people will be disappointed if metabolic imbalances are not corrected first.


Dr Hagmeyer designed this program to be a high-end, private program that will help alleviate weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, PMS and menopausal symptoms through improved hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal function.

Studies show that underlying Hormonal and Metabolic imbalances are the most powerful reason for stubborn weight loss aka weight loss resistance.  If you’ve tried different diets, exercise strategies and weight loss plans with little to no result, the information below will give you insight into several key areas that have been overlooked or missed and why these approaches failed.


Myth #1: If I Eat less and Workout More I will Lose Weight.

Fact: While any weight loss program should as a foundation focus on clean eating and exercise, Hormonal imbalances are the real culprits that have the biggest impact on metabolism and can be the root cause your body to store and hang on to fat. 

The issue is that as we age, like many things hormones change and along with these hormonal changes comes a change to metabolism.  In woman —particularly progesterone and estrogen, and in men testosterone declines and estrogen can increase. This can make it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy weight despite healthy food choices and regular exercise.

Estrogen is not only stored in adipose (fat) tissue it actually signals the brain to store more fat. In woman Estrogen dominance is a real problem and in men even normal testosterone levels but elevated estrogen causes a man to retain those extra pounds.  This fat is often deposited around the mid-section saddle bags or in the arms. As a result, it can be more difficult to maintain a healthy weight while we become increasing metabolically challenged. Its important to look at the BIG PICTURE because hormonal imbalances don’t stop there. Hormonal imbalances can also cause bloating, decreased energy, heart disease, Breast Cancer, Prostate cancer.

Hormones play a major role in your ability to lose weight, so if you’ve reached a plateau or you’re not getting results by eating well and exercising you should consider looking into your hormone levels.


Myth #2: I Have No Will Power When It Comes To Controlling My Food Cravings For Weight Loss.

 Fact: It takes more than will power to overcome food cravings. Here again, Hormones that affect blood sugar levels will influence whether or not you experience food cravings.

Cortisol Dr HagmeyerCortisol is one of the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. They are incredibly important in that they help regulate energy levels, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, regulate inflammation, and play a role in the immune system. Very often sugar cravings is red flag that you are suffering from dysglcemia. Dyglycemia simply means that your cells are not getting a steady supply of glucose. When your blood sugar goes up and down, this puts tremendous strain on your pancreas to produce more insulin. Insulin is a hormone that lowers blood sugar by forcing glucose into the cells to make energy. Insulin is also a fat storing hormone. The more insulin you make, the more fat you store. This can sometime be seen by looking at blood work and checking for Insulin Resistance.

From a Weight loss standpoint Cortisol and Insulin also influence how your body uses and stores fat. Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone” because it is secreted during stressful situations. We have all experienced stress in our life and this is normal however, when we are under extreme amounts of stress or prolonged periods of stress- this throws a monkey wrench into our metabolism.

Constant states of stress, causes continuous stimulation of the adrenals and this causes more and more cortisol release. Over time, as the adrenals become increasingly worn out and “fatigued” they produce less and less cortisol, and less and less DHEA. This is a big problem not only for the adrenals but the other hormones that need cortisol to work properly (Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone)

Cortisol indirectly provides the body with energy as a way of handling stress.  When those cortisol levels decline due to adrenal fatigue the body needs to obtain energy from somewhere else in order to handle the chronic stress load. Cravings for caffeine, sugar and other stimulating foods and drinks can increase substantially causing you to overeat and/or make unhealthy food choices especially in a stressful time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this directly contributes to more weight gain.


Symptoms include

  1. Crave sweets during the day
  2. Irritable if meals are missed
  3. Depend on coffee to get started
  4. Fatigue after meals
  5. Eating relieves fatigue
  6. Get light headed if meals are missed.
  7. Frequent Thirst
  8. Memory and forgetfulness aka Brain fog
  9. Difficulty losing weight


Myth #3: Stress doesn’t cause Weight gain

Fact: Stress hormones such as Cortisol, DHEA are a common culprits behind stubborn weight loss, especially when its accompanied by Low energy, Brain Fog, Sleeping problems and Fatigue.  

chronic stress and hormones Dr HagmeyerUp to 80% of adults will experience adrenal fatigue at some point in their life, but it is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions (Wilson, James. “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome.” Smart Publications, p. 6, 2002).

While energy tends to increase the closer you get to a healthier weight, you need at least some energy to be able to make healthy choices like exercising regularly and cooking at home instead of ordering takeout.

Constant stress on your body can cause an overproduction of cortisol leading to decreased muscle mass, slower metabolism and an increase in sugar and carb cravings. Adrenal fatigue can turn your body into a fat storer instead of a fat burner, leaving you with less energy and more fat.


Symptoms include

  1. Feeling tired for no reason
  2. Slow Starter in the morning
  3. Feeling rundown
  4. Salt Cravings
  5. Past History of Stress or are currently under stress
  6. Cannot fall asleep
  7. Cannot stay asleep
  8. Dizziness when standing up too quickly
  9. Experiencing difficulty bouncing back from stress or illness
  10. Difficulty losing weight


Myth #4: My Doctor checked my Thyroid and he said It is in the “Normal” Range

Hashimotos Disease - Naperville - Dr. HagmeyerFact: Sub-clinical Thyroid disease and Hashimoto’s Disease is the single most common cause of stubborn weight gain. Most doctors put too much emphasis on TSH and T4. Even if you have been told your Thyroid levels are “Normal” they may not be optimal for you.

 We find that the vast majority of woman who have thyroid problem will either have Hashimoto’s or Sub-clinical hypothyroidism. Chances are your doctor may have “screened” your thyroid for a problem. But there is a difference between a screening and “complete” Thyroid test.

A screening of the Thyroid typically included a TSH and sometimes a Free T4 measurement. While your screening test may have been “normal”, what we find is that when the Thyroid is more accurately and completely tested, using a full Thyroid panel, we often find the thyroid as a common participating culprit in suborn weight gain or weight loss resistance.




Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism include

  1. Morning Fatigue
  2. Depression or Anxiety
  3. Having memory and concentration of problems aka Brain Fog
  4. Loss of Energy
  5. Fuzzy thinking
  6. Heart Palpitations
  7. Hair loss
  8. Weight gain despite low carb diet and exercise


What’s the Solution?

It might be time for a “Metabolic Hormone Makeover”. It’s important to view Hormone Health and weight loss from a holistic and Functional Medicine perspective. This means a comprehensive “BIG Picture” approach that takes into account the differences in an individual’s biochemistry.

We are all different and that is the premise of Functional Medicine. A Functional approach will look at incorporating, diet, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and other factors like Toxicity, hormone levels, blood sugar, Male and Female Hormone Health and Thyroid Health as a better path to getting the Hormone balance and weight loss results that you deserve.

We believe that optimizing hormones involves more than just telling a woman she need progesterone or that a man needs testosterone.Dr Hagmeyer Hormone and Weight loss program

If you’ve already tried adjusting your nutrition and implementing an exercise regimen and you’re still not getting the Hormone balances and weight loss results you desire, consider addressing the other key players that could be holding you back.

Thankfully, advanced lab testing allows us to look into specific hormone levels to gain a better understanding of how you are functioning and where adjustments need to be made in order for you to reach your weight loss and energy goals.

Most medical offices measure hormone levels based only on blood serum. This measures both the total amount of hormones (inactive and active hormones) which can be confusing in terms of reviewing results.

Saliva testing is a much more accurate way to measure certain hormone levels, because it tests for what hormones are actually getting to receptor sites—or what hormones are actually active in the body. At Dr r we use a combination of blood and saliva testing in our Comprehensive Hormone Tests.


Why Bother testing in the first place?

“Too see is to know, not to see is to guess.” Stop Guessing & Uncover the Underlying Factors that May Be Preventing You from Optimizing your Hormones, Losing Weight, ditching the brain fog and fatigue and feeling good. 

Patients often present with a variety of common complaints often have hormone imbalances as their root cause. The testing Dr Hagmeyer implements in his practice, will serve as a compass or GPS in your journey to getting well. Just like you wouldn’t get in a boat and go into the ocean with out GPS, you don’t want to navigate through the ocean of hormones without testing.


Can I work with Dr Hagmeyer If I live out of state or out of the country.

Yes- we work with people from all over the world. Many of these tests, with the exception of blood, work can be done in the comfort of your own home

Once Dr Hagmeyer receives all your test results, a Report of findings will be set up to discuss treatment options and best recommendations to start you on your path to feeling good again.


Hormone Makeover and Weight Loss Testing and Consult: What’s Included $1699

  1. Advanced Comprehensive Hormone and Adrenal Panel that measures bioavailable hormones in your body for a more accurate results. This hormone panel looks at Thyroid hormones, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, progesterone to estrogen ratios, FSH, LH, DHEA, Androstenedione, DHT and cortisol levels. We will mail you the appropriate kit depending on your sex.
  2. 60-90 minute Report of Findings Consultation- Once we have received your lab test results, Dr Hagmeyer will review your test results and design a customized treatment plan specific to your needs, goals and test results. Treatment plan costs vary from person to person and will be reviewed at time Dr Hagmeyer reviews your results.
  3. Initial Nutritional Consultation- You will meet with one of our Nutritionists (phone) and during this time you will be introduced to a dietary program tailored to meet your goals and needs.  You will learn about healthy fats, proteins, glycemic control, how to read a food label and what are best foods for rapid weight loss and hormone balance.
  4. Meal Planning– you will be given a meal menu to follow that will help jump start your weight loss and optimize your hormone naturally.


How to Order

To order Dr Hagmeyer’s- Hormone Makeover and Weight Loss Program

  1. Contact our office by sending us an email at or
  2. Someone from our office will contact you upon purchase to confirm.

Once you have Purchased the Hormone Makeover and Weight loss Program, You will be contacted by a new patient care coordinator from Dr Hagmeyer’s office. You will be emailed all the appropriate paperwork. During your Report of findings, Dr Hagmeyer will review his Treatment plan and recommendations. Cost for treatment plan and supplements are separate and will be discussed at your Report of findings once we have identified your metabolic imbalances.