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Why Most Adrenal Fatigue Patients Never Get Better……. Video #2

Understanding The Importance of The Adrenal/Cortisol Rhythm

Everyday our office receive phone calls from  people all over the world suffering with adrenal burnout. Some have made this “self diagnosis” and others have been told they have adrenal fatigue by a holistic health care  physician.

Perhaps, you reading this article and you yourself have adrenal fatigue.  You have taken some adrenal supplements, you have seen a specialist who claims to be able to treat it effectively, but you still feel like your brain is in a perpetual fog, your body is exhausted and inflamed, your grouchy and irritable with your loved ones, you find yourself anxious all the time, and you find yourself staring at the clock at 3am- only hoping to get some sleep before your day really begins.

Well… treating the adrenals for adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency requires more than just popping some adrenal supplements. You must understand where the adrenal stress is coming from, but also where the cortisol rhythm has become disregulated.

If you watch my video series, I will explain one of the key concepts why most people never get well by taking Adrenal supplements.

The Key to supporting your adrenals lies in the understanding of adrenal and Cortisol rhythm.

The adrenals are two small glands located on top of the kidneys, and together with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands they form the HPA axis, which forms a large part of the endocrine system and is responsible for regulating digestion, mood, immune system function, metabolism, and energy levels.

It is also responsible for the body’s stress response, a complex system that operates on feedback loops as stressors come and go. If the immediate threat, whether physical, mental, or emotional, never goes away, the delicate balance of this system and the hormones it produces is disrupted.

Left uncorrected, health issues arise, including excessive cortisol and adrenaline release, elevated blood sugar, inflammation, breakdown of muscle, weakened bones, poor immune system function, inhibition of reproductive function, and more.

Why Most Adrenal Fatigue Patients Never Get Better....... Video #2 3

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Where Most Doctors Get Testing The Adrenal ALL WRONG!

Most doctors will measure cortisol and DHEA at one specific time of the day and not throughout the day. So this “static” test really doesn’t give us a good understanding of the normal rhythm of these critical hormones. This results in faulty diagnoses and treatment. Learn more about proper Adrenal gland Testing here

This is why we do the 24 hour test so we can really understand the rhythm of the adrenals which allows for proper diagnoses and treatment.

*The Healthy Adrenal Rhythm Test is able to diagnose the phase of adrenal fatigue and the level of stability or instability in the cortisol/DHEA rhythm.* 

Why Most Adrenal Fatigue Patients Never Get Better....... Video #2 2


Learn more about this test Here

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