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Are You Ready To Finally Feel Better?

At We Are all about getting to the Root Cause of Your Problem-Start your journey to health today with our unique functional and lifestyle medicine programs. Start Your Journey Today!
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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is 21st Century Health Care. Instead of managing disease or masking the symptoms as conventional medicine does, Dr Hagmeyer implements the principles of Functional Medicine to look at the Root cause of illness. Unlike conventional medicine, Dr Hagmeyer’s treatments and testing are very personalized and based on the patient’s unique individual biological needs. At, we believe in Supporting rather than suppressing, Nurturing rather than Neglecting, Healing vs managing. Learn more about Dr Hagmeyer, Functional Medicine and how it can help you get your life back.

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What makes Dr Hagmeyer different

  • Dr Hagmeyer is the “Doctors” Doctor.
  • We Use only the most advanced Functional Laboratory Testing available.
  • At Dr Treatment plans that are Tailored to the individual.
  • We provide a Thorough investigation into discovering the root cause of your Health problem.
  • Personalized Nutritional counseling to complement your program.
  • At, We only accept a limited number of patients per month, This allows us to spend the time needed on each case.
  • We Don’t Sell cookie cutter “health care programs” that have become popular these days and take away from the Dr- patient relationship.
  • Dr Hagmeyer is Certified in Functional Medicine and has over 20+ years experience
  • Our appointments are 2-3 times longer than the national average

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Who Dr Hagmeyer works with

Patients seeking a personalized healthcare experience.

Individuals with chronic conditions where traditional treatment alone has failed them.

Those looking for an experienced holistic doctor with advanced certifications in Functional Medicine physician.

Individuals that are Ready for Change and Tired of throwing medications at their health problem.

Individuals who are really ready to commit to their health and make real lifestyle changes for ultimate wellness.

7 Steps to Successfully Overcoming Chronic Health Problems and Experiencing Your Best Life Now- "Big Picture" Click on each area to learn more.


“Ready for a Change?
Let’s get to the Root Cause of your health problem”

Whether it’s optimizing your diet, improving the health of your gut, overcoming autoimmune disease, banishing brain fog or balancing your hormones, at you’ll discover that our “Big Picture” approach is best suited to help you heal the Root Cause of your health challenges. Not sure where to Begin?

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Clinical Testing

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