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Treatment Mistakes Fibro Sufferers Make|Naperville Institute NeuroMetabolic Solutions| Dr Hagmeyer

If your just joining us we are counting down the most common mistakes I see Fibromyalgia suffers Make and what  you can do to avoid them.

#2. Falsely Believing That All Of The ‘Correct’ Tests Have Been Done, And That Everything On Your Lab Reports Is ‘Normal’.

young girl holding test tubeThis is a huge trap fibromyalgia patients fall into, that you absolutely must avoid. Where my office is located in Northern Illinois, many local fibromyalgia patients have traveled to one of the big diagnostic clinics such as Mayo Clinic. They go there, spend a couple days doing tests, and then come out with the same thing they had before: a report that says that the labs are ‘normal’ and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Then the patient is satisfied, feeling that EVERYTHING has been done, and they continue on the path of taking medications or just living with the pain, fatigue, and the rest of the symptoms that go along with it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The truth is zero functional testing has been done. They may have ran MRI’s and didn’t see obvious abnormalities. They ran the basic blood work and it didn’t appear to be abnormal, and then they call it a day. You Can learn more about Functional Testing here

If you accept that everything has been done, then you have lost at that point because you will stop searching for answers and information that will help you.

You may never make it to a doctor, who does functional testing, and will look at functional ranges, and put all of the pieces together for you.

If your tired of suffering and You are ready for this battle to be over with call us. 630-718-0555

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Listen to Karen Testimonial after only 8 weeks of care. When Karen First Came to see us, She had lost Hope and was almost convinced she would never improve. Getting out of bed was almost impossible for her.

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