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Find out why Dr. Hagmeyer has over a 90% Success Rate in helping men and woman naturally feel better!

checkmarkAutoimmune Thyroid (Graves and Hashimotos)
checkmarkSubclinical Thyroid- You have all the symptoms of low thyroid but your doctor tells you that everything is Normal.

Why Do You Feel Worse When You Take Thyroid Medication?

“When Experience Makes All The Difference”

People from all over the world seek the help and expertise of Dr. Hagmeyer for their chronic health problems. Dr. Hagmeyer’s holistic ”BIG PICTURE” approach is what sets him apart from many Integrative and Holistic Physicians.  Having over 20 years of experience in natural and alternative health, Dr. Hagmeyer is an expert in digestive health, food allergies, immune health, hormone imbalances, detoxification, nutrition, exercise and addressing chronic disease and how each of these plays a part to the health of your thyroid.

Personalized Solutions

Our goal at the Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions is to create a customized program around you as a person, not the diagnosis you have been labeled with. By focusing on your specific needs and understanding your unique biochemical makeup we are able to achieve superior outcomes.

Getting Started

To get started, we like to schedule a 15 minute Free phone consultation with each potential patient. This ensures that our services are a good fit for your health strategy. We believe that it is critical to listen to your concerns as it helps us understand how to develop a successful program for you.

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Step I – Case Review

After completing your FREE 15 minute phone consult with Dr. Hagmeyer, selected patients will receive a case review. This is where we learn about our patients. Applicants will mail in all paperwork prior to their case review. This gives Dr. Hagmeyer the time he needs to thoroughly understand your health problem and some of the hidden causes that have been overlooked by past physicians. This also gives Dr. Hagmeyer the opportunity to see what has been done, what has not been done so that we can avoid any duplicate testing.

Your story is the most important component to your case. To understand your story we will need several key elements. Existing blood work, Health History Narrative (3-5 page typed), New patient paperwork and any other testing you feel will be helpful to Dr. Hagmeyer. This is your chance to tell us your story.

Step II – Testing

testingUpon receiving your records, Dr. Hagmeyer will review them and determine what additional testing will be appropriate in your case. There are often many “layers” to chronic health problems and thyroid problems are no different.  These layers include and understanding of Hormones, Adrenal function, Gastrointestinal, Infection, Immune, Dietary, Methylation, Detoxification, vitamin/mineral imbalances.

The functional and metabolic testing serves an integral part and a compass that helps Dr. Hagmeyer understand “WHY” you feel the way you do.

While many holistic and Integrative doctors get “hung up” on one area of thyroid health (i.e. kind of thyroid medication, dosage of thyroid medication, they miss the ”BIG PICTURE”). They fail to address the “autoimmune Triggers” or the cause behind the thyroid imbalance. Let’s face it, Thyroid hormone medication does not fix the thyroid, it only replaces low hormones. Patients from all over the world reach out to Dr. Hagmeyer because of the comprehensive testing and methodical treatment implemented in his practice.

Step III – Customized Nutrition

Once Dr. Hagmeyer understands the causes behind your health problem, Dr. Hagmeyer will determine a course of action and treatment program. Treatment is individualized and customized to each patients test results. Dr. Hagmeyer does not have a “cookie cutter” approach to helping his patients reclaim their lives. Instead, a customized meal plan and supplement protocol will be created for you. This ensures you are taking the right supplements, at the right time, at the right dosage and eating a balanced diet to address your nutritional and metabolic needs.

Step IV – Check Points

Your personalized program is monitored every step of the way. You will never feel alone. One of the complaints we often hear from patients within the US and internationally is that they feel like they have no guidance or direction. Whoever they worked with in the past didn’t have a plan for recovery. This is why we have developed strategic check points throughout your program. These check points occur at two weeks, six weeks and ten weeks and are designed to monitor your progress. These include Metabolic Assessment Forms, Neurological Health Forms, Dietary Food Journaling and Progress questionnaires all of which maximize the effectiveness of your Program.

Step V – Lifestyle Education

You will receive health education as part of your program, along with several opportunities to attend workshops, Webinars for our international patients, Videos only accessible to our patients.  Lifestyle education ensures your long term success.

 The Pillars Of Thyroid Health Are Dependent upon:

  1. Proper Neurological function (Brain Body Connection) Thyroid function starts with the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis. (HPA)
  2. Environmental factors (toxins), Heavy metals,
  3. Gastro Intestinal Dysfunction (SIBO, Leaky Gut, Infection, Leaky Gut, Food sensitivities/allergies, Gut Disbiosis, Yeast overgroth-candida infections)
  4. Nutritional Imbalances Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Iron Selenium, etc (poor diet), (Food Intolerances and Food sensitivities)
  5. Hormonal Imbalances (Insulin, Low/High blood sugar, pattern of thyroid disease or adrenal exhaustion, male and female sex hormone imbalances),
  6. Inflammation/Hidden Infection – Parasite, Mold, Yeast, Virus, Bacteria, Past hx of Lyme disease or other coinfections.
  7. Impaired Metabolism (any breakdown in the way our bodies make and run energy or produces ATP) Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein metabolism
  8. Oxidative stress (the “rusting,” broadly speaking, of our own tissues), Free Radical damage and low Glutathione reserves.
  9. Impaired detoxification (any inability to rid our bodies of toxins), and the damage that comes from high levels of stress, brain body connection (where the mind harms the body.) Liver and Gall bladder function.

Any “Holistic” or “Integrative approach” that does not identify if these stressors are contributing mechanisms will in the long run fail. This is why Dr. Hagmeyer spends so much time investigating these layers.

Patient Success Stories:


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