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T3 Reverse T3 Ratio- How To Calculate It.

The thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck and it is responsible for the production of  triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4) and small amounts of rT3 (Reverse T3). Reverse T3 is an isomer of T3 which means it’s molecular structure looks very similar to T3. These hormones are responsible for regulating cell metabolism in every cell in your body. They promote optimal growth, development, function and maintenance of all body tissues. They are also critical for nervous, skeletal and reproductive tissue as well as regulating body temperature, heart rate, body weight and cholesterol.

High Levels of Reverse T3

Unfortunately, for a number or reasons, high levels of Reverse T3 are common and can be major cause of low thyroid symptoms. If your labs show a high level of reverse T3, this means that you are converting most of your T4 into reverse T3 rather than T3. T3 is the most active form of thyroid hormone and it is converted from T4 as needed by the body. Calculating your T3 rT3 ratio is an important metric if you or loved one struggles with thyroid disease. To say that thyroid lab values and markers are often misunderstood and confusing is an understatement.

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Here Are Just a Couple Points To Remember That I Didn’t Cover In Today’s Video

  1. TSH goes up when thyroid function is low (TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).
  2. There are many Thyroid markers that should routinely be checked but often they doctors only check TSH, and maybe Free T4. You can learn more about a complete Thyroid Panel
  3. T3 is 4x more potent than T4
  4. If you have your T3, Free T3 and rT3 levels plug your thyroid values into my thyroid calculator. Find out some of the reasons for a low T3/rT3 ratio 
  5.  T3 is the active form of thyroid hormone- low Levels cause hypothyroid symptoms.
  6. There is so much more to the Thyroid than just taking T3. Many abnormal responses within the body can affect your thyroid ie Diet, sex hormones, Thyroid binding Globulin, Infalmmation, Toxicity, Heavy Metals, Gut infections and many others. You can watch a video I did titled 10 steps to supporting your Thyroid Naturally
  7. Keep this in mind when changing doses (for instance, prescription T3 at a dose of 25 micrograms = T4 at a dose of 100 micrograms)
  8. Why T3 and Free T3 need to be tested on Every thyroid patient.
  9. Interested in becoming a patient? Schedule a 15 minute consult 

Learn more About Supporting Your Thyroid Naturally

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