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Should You Avoid Gluten If You Have Hashimotos Thyroid

With the recent headlines by health journals everywhere, you might be fooled into thinking that gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist. Don’t believe them! Over the last 10 years of working with patients who have Non Celiac gluten Sensitivity.

These stories, calling gluten free diets ‘the new fad’, are taking their information from a recent study that questions (not debunks) non-celiac gluten sensitivity and digestive symptoms. They mindlessly cherry-pick information (even leaving out entire sections) from the study attempting to ‘prove’ that gluten sensitivity is a myth.

Studies have, and continue to, show links between gluten and aggravated Hashimoto’s, so don’t think the ‘no gluten strategy’ is a placebo; it still works. Learn more about 10 steps to supporting your Thyroid Naturally

What was the aim of the study?

The study in question examined gluten sensitive people and how they reacted to different levels of gluten.
The most important part was the elimination of FODMAPS (Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, and Monosaccharides, and Polyols). These are, essentially, a group of carbohydrates found in many common foods and is thought to exacerbate IBS symptoms.  Foods like onions, beans, many fruits and yoghurt, among many others, are all high in FODMAPS and were removed to help eliminate them as a cause for digestive problems, helping to determine whether gluten was to blame.

The study concluded that a reduction of FODMAPS in a gluten sensitive patient stopped gluten from reacting negatively. This caught the attention of journalists who jumped on the ‘gluten sensitivity isn’t real’ bandwagon, but there were a few shortcomings with the study to clearly point to this fact.

Where did the study ‘fall short’?

While the journalists shouted ‘it’s not real’, the authors suggest a possible reason for this discovery; FODMAPS and gluten might team up to create digestive problems, explaining the outcome here. They also said that their findings were very different from a previous study and that more work has to be done before a real conclusion can be made.

Beyond that theory, this study solely looked at the effects on the digestive system and not on autoimmune diseases, like Hashimoto’s.
Why is this important? Well, gluten sensitivity only causes digestive symptoms in 1 of 3 people; the brain and nervous tissue are more commonly affected by gluten sensitivity than any other tissue in the body; this type of damage is hard to link to gluten, meaning it can go overlooked for years.

Gluten has been linked to 55 disease (most of which are autoimmune), manifesting in parts of the body like the skin, bones and joints.

At no point did the study look at the possibility of gluten cross-reactivity (the immune systems attacks the thyroid or brain because they closely resemble the gluten protein), foods that cross-react with gluten, causing similar symptoms, leaky gut and much more. These factors need to be considered and placed into a more comprehensive understanding of gluten.

Stay the gluten-free course

Gluten sensitivity, beyond a doubt, exists.

Plenty of studies are carried out on gluten sensitivity, all of which show clear evidence of the existence of gluten sensitivity and the link to Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, MS, Fibromyalgia among others.

So don’t stop gluten abstinence now. While this study created more questions than answers relating to FODMAPS, millions of people world-wide find relief from their gluten sensitivity symptoms and others, including Hashimoto’s, Depression, Anxiety, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes, adrenal fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Learn why Avoiding Wheat Gluten Is Not Enough

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