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15 Minute Trouble Shoot Consult- Existing Patient

For existing/established patients who are under active care. 

Price: $125 (3 page bloodwork Max) 



The Trouble shoot existing patient with lab review is designed for established patients who have had lab testing done or lab testing that was ordered by another doctor.

This consultation requires additional review and discussion with Dr Hagmeyer above and beyond your scheduled consultations included in your program.

This may also be a review of bloodwork from another doctors office that you have requested Dr Hagmeyer to review.This review is restricted to the review of bloodwork only. For existing/established patients who are under active care.

  1. 15 minute consult
  2. 1 lab test (blood) may be reviewed ( Maximum 3 pages of bloodwork)
  3. For Existing patients under active care
  4. Must have had a case review
  5. This Trouble Shoot or lab Review consult is a review of blood testing done by any doctor other than Dr Hagmeyer. 
  6. This includes time spent reviewing lab work prior to call.

If you have more than 3 pages of bloodwork email the office there may be an additional charge.