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Reviews of Dr Hagmeyer-Autoimmune, Fatigue, Depression, Sleep disorder, Anxiety issues

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“I have got 70% better health than I was back in last November 2014 when I met him”

I found Dr Hagmeyer on YouTube; I had been to many doctors in Canada, but I had always got an answer I am perfectly fine nothing wrong with me; i was able to get help from one of the doctor in San Jose but he wasn’t able to identify in depth; however after doing more research I was able to find Dr Hagmeyer and in my first meeting in person with him he had me done tons of tests including blood, urine and stool.

After results came in Dr Hagmeyer gave me protocol for first 10 weeks that include strict diet and supplements first protocol was very helpful and it gave me 30% better health, I am in 6 week of my second protocol with different supplements and I can say I have got 70% better health than I was back in last November 2014 when I met him.

I can say Dr Hagmeyer is very helpful and knowledgeable and he look at the bigger picture and find the best possible solution for each individual I would definitely suggest him to any one who has autoimmune, fatigue, depression, sleep disorder, anxiety issues. He has been able to help me with all this currently helping me with hormone problems. Again thumbs up for Dr Hagmeyer

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