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Review of Dr Hagmeyers Office- IBS, Depression, Brain Fog

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I have battled a snow ball effect of health issues for over half of my life going to several different doctors and specialists and trying every certain diet and supplement to find relief and my health kept getting worse. I was to the point all that I could consume was bone broth since my IBS symptoms and bloating were so bad and I arrived with extreme depression.

I was at a very low place from my health, wandering what’s the point of “life” and if there was even hope that I would get better. Ever. Enough was enough, I found Dr. Hagmeyer, he tested me thoroughly , which none of past professionals even would have had the comprehension of doing, and started me on a very specific protocol to address my underlying causes of my physical symptoms.

Words can not describe how impressed I am with Dr. Hagmeyer’s approach and knowledge of the human body and functional medicine. I feel like I’m getting myself back, I can eat food again! And I’m getting off my SSRI ! I would look no further for a doctor, and I will not recommend anyone but Dr. Hagmeyer!

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