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Chicago Alternative Treatment for Diabetes|5 Diabetes Diet Mistakes You Could Be Making Dr. Richard Hagmeyer. Naperville IL


There are numerous websites out there giving information about diabetes diets. Some  good, but most are filled with innacurate information and many of these diets are filled with empty promises about weight loss and better sugar levels. It’s time to bring some clarity to this very murky issue. How do you determine if the information you are reading about diabets diet is good or bad? Thats the purpose of this article.

1. Most Diabetes Diets Are Not Tailored To the Individual.

Meaning that they are a one size fits all diet. Each person with type 2 diabetes has different set of problem and each person requires different modifications. It’s simply not possible, to give every person the same Nutritional or Dietary recommendations when they all have different challenges to overcome. This is why The Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions offers advanced Metabolic Testing that helps differentiate the unique set of challenges each diabetic is facing.

2. Most Diabetes Diets Give a Recommendation To Increase The amount of Whole Grains.

There is a significant amount of carbohydrates in grains which leads to increased blood sugar levels. Grains also contain antinutrients cause insulin surges. If this wasn’t bad enough think about how we fatten up live stock. We feed them grains. If you take a look around, what’s happening to Americans is that we are being fattened up. In addition we are seeing more and more people who have gluten sensitivities and leaky gut. Gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease are very common amongst diabetics and if you have a gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease or any kind of autoimmune disease.

I highly recommend that you Stay away from them. You can learn more about the dangers of grains and its affects on health here.

3. Many People Have Food Allergies That They Are Uaware Of.

If you have a food allergy and you consume that food, you will see an increase in your blood sugar level. The reason this happens is because the food allergy causes inflammation, and inflammation leads to an increase in your blood sugar levels. Diabetes diets do not take this into consideration and they can lead to disappointments and failure for many people. It’s critical to find a doctor who specializes in Natural Diabetes treatment optionsthat clearly understands food allergies, Leaky Gut and its effects on your immune system.


4. Many Allow Sugar In Various Forms ie Fruit.

Honestly, if you’re a diabetic, one of the most important thing you can do is significantly limit any intake of sugar. Again there are safer forms of sweeteners you can use, but the best idea is to cut the sugar out. Artificial sweeteners like sweet and low, splenda and other fake sugars also cause inflammation and this can cause your blood sugar to go up. The reality here is that if you want to get well, you Need to give up the sugar.

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5. Finally, Many Diabetes Diets Put Little Emphasis On Vegetables and Lots of emphasis on Grains.

Vegetables are rebuilders. They provide us with the building blocks of growth and repair. There should be a HUGE emphasis on eating plenty of vegetables, and protein. A good protein source as well as Fats and Fiber are absolutely critical to keep your blood sugar levels even.

There’s a lot to learn about making good food choices for diabetes, and there’s a lot of bad information out there. Most diabetes diets have some merit, but you have to think for yourself and find a well-trained health professional to help you.

Dr. Richard Hagmeyer D.C is the senior clinic director at Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions located in Naperville, IL. Dr. Hagmeyer consults patients from all over the country for his Neuro Metabolic approach and Natural Treatment for Diabetics, Pre diabetics and Peripheral Neuropathy.

Dr. Hagmeyer is also the creator of breakthrough treatment Program for Diabetes and Thyroid sufferers. Dr. Hagmeyer speaks throughout the country and holds monthly lectures for his patients.

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