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Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue

maybe its your hormones we can helpThere is much misinformation about adrenal fatigue, as well as argument from the conventional medical community that it even exists. Let’s take a look at some of this misinformation and explore the truth about adrenal fatigue.

First of all, adrenal fatigue is about poor adrenal function. Many believe that the fatigue is only due to low thyroid function. Each of these conditions has similar presentations. If you are addressing your thyroid function and the fatigue is not resolving, you need to look at adrenal fatigue as the cause of your problems. If you don’t address the adrenal, you will eventually wear them out and your condition will worsen.

If You Suffer with Adrenal Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Your General Practitioner May Not Be The Best Place to Start.

Unfortunately, many believe that our primary care physicians are the best people to deal with any issue we are having, including adrenal fatigue. Many conventional physicians do not even acknowledge that adrenal fatigue exists. They receive no training on this and often prescribe things to address symptoms, such as antidepressants or thyroid hormones.

If they do acknowledge adrenal fatigue, they may feel that prescribing steroids are an effective way to help adrenal fatigue. While replacing the hormones may seem like a good idea, it does not address the root cause. Lifestyle changes, proper nutrition and supplements allow the body to correct the imbalance and heal itself. Steroids have serious side effects and many cannot tolerate them.

Some other misconceptions about adrenal fatigue is that it is completely psychological, that only those in high stress jobs get it or that people with it have no energy at all and cannot work. Many who have adrenal fatigue are working full time and even in the later stages, they continue to work but are extremely fatigued and slower than normal. They are often thought of as weak, that they just need to deal with stress better.

The stressors in the body can be physical, mental or emotional. They cause real, physiological changes in the body that need repair and rebalancing. It is not just a psychological issue and may not have even been brought on by a psychological stressor. Therefore, anyone can develop adrenal fatigue, not only those in high stress jobs.
And it is not necessarily an illness that slowly creeps up on you, though it may be. A single stressful event can precipitate adrenal fatigue in individuals who do not have much physiological reserve.

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Is It Possible To Recover From Adrenal Fatigue

Those who suffer from adrenal fatigue can often feel that they will never recover. Our bodies are amazing and can heal themselves, but they need the right tools and conditions. A physician who is well trained in adrenal fatigue can guide you through the recovery process. Even something as simple as nutrition and supplements are so individualized to the person, their stage of illness and their physiological resources that what helps one person may interfere with the healing of another.

There are also misconceptions as to what to do to treat adrenal fatigue. Vigorous exercise is thought to help the body’s energy levels. When in the early stages of adrenal fatigue, exercise may be beneficial, but strenuous exercise can easily deplete the body of its energy resources that it uses for healing. So caution should be used with exercise. On the opposite side of the coin, some feel that adrenal fatigue is only treatable with rest only. Rest is important and good, but with adrenal fatigue, especially the farther advanced it is, the body needs to be rebalanced with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. Some also feel that if left alone, adrenal fatigue will resolve itself. Adrenal fatigue occurs because the body is out of balance and unable to rebalance. Therefore, if left alone, it will continue to worsen.

Toxins and Adrenal Fatigue

Another treatment thought to help is fasting and detoxification. Toxin accumulation is not good for our bodies and does occur in adrenal fatigue or can trigger adrenal fatigue. Our bodies use energy to remove those toxins and with adrenal fatigue, there is not much energy available. What energy is available needs to be directed towards healing. Therefore, in more advanced stages of adrenal fatigue, the body must be built up and nourished first. Once that happens, toxin removal often starts on its own. Proper nourishment is individualized and while low carbohydrate diets are favored for just about every condition, some carbohydrates are needed for proper blood sugar levels and to feed the brain. Following a customized nutrition plan created by a specially trained professional is often an important key to healing.

Woman Suffer With Adrenal Fatigue More Than Men

Adrenal fatigue occurs mainly in women. Lifestyles for women have changed dramatically in this time and many women are responsible for not only raising a family, but with the responsibility of a career. A woman’s hormonal system is significantly stressed, affecting and worsening the ovarian-adrenal-thyroid axis, which many conventionally trained physicians are unaware of.

A sad consequence of this is that we often think of a disorder affecting only the person that has it. In the case of adrenal fatigue, children born to parents who are suffering from this condition have weaker constitutions themselves. This is especially important when the mother has adrenal fatigue. Daughters are commonly affected. We are seeing people younger and younger people going into adrenal fatigue since they are born with weak adrenals.

Adrenal-Thyroid Connection

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Conquering Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Requires A Different Approach.

Adrenal fatigue is a complex condition and there are many causes surrounding it. For many people suffering with adrenal fatigue, it is essential you work with a practitioner who understands the many causes of adrenal fatigue.

For this reason Dr. Hagmeyer offers a free phone consultation to determine if you adrenal fatigue could be improved through his program.  Don’t lose pout on another day due to chronic fatigue or adrenal insufficiency. Dr Hagmeyer works with patients all over the world recover from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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