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Nutritionist giving consultation to patient with healthy fruit and vegetable, Right nutrition and diet concept

Outside Practitioner Consult (Dr-Dr Consult)




Outside Practitioner Assessments- 45 minute Consult

If you’re a health care practitioner/physician feeling stuck with a patient or client and you want Dr Hagmeyer’s insight and opinion on the direction of the case. Please include  these key metrics in your report:

Also, if you have run testing, bloodwork, hormone testing, saliva testing, stool testing, etc, etc Please includes these tests as well. 10 page limit 

Retrospective Analysis (if the patient has a new diagnosis): Knowing the current diagnosis, looking back over your serially collected set of diagnostic notes, are you able to retrospectively “see” this diagnosis? If so, and if you are a Functional Medicine doctor or practitioner, what is the significant pattern to which you would connect the dots in regards to cause and effect?

Time Metrics: Is the patient doing better over time? Are your therapeutic goals being reached? how long has the patient been on your protocol? Is the patient receiving dietary/nutritional counseling. Is the patients progress realistic?

Performance Metrics: Is the patient feeling better over time? what percentage? Is the patient feeling worse? are there new symptoms?

Treatment Intensity Metrics: Is the patient reporting new symptoms at each consultation?

Quality of Life Metrics: Is the patient able to do certain ADL (activity of daily living) that they were not able to do prior.

Treatment Focus Metrics: Based on your testing, what are your current concerns? What are your treatment goals and focus for the next three months and next six months?

Lifestyle Metrics: Are daily habits in regards to nutrition, fitness, meditation, sleep, stress, and compliance where you want them to be at this time? If not, please explain.