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Overcoming Brain Fog, Fatigue, Anxiety and Thyroid Problems With Natural Functional Medicine

Would You Like To…
Improve Your Energy Levels by 100%, Eliminate Brain Fog, Improve Focus and Concentration, Eliminate Anxiety, Sleep Through the Night, Strengthen Your Immune System, and Normalize Your Hormones?

Adrenal Fatigue Testing and Consult 1


If you have Crippling and debilitating Brain Fog or Fatigue to the point that you cant make it through the day without some sort of energy drink, coffee or other stimulant, You are finding it difficult to sleep through the night…YOU NEED HELP!

Your Adrenal Glands are most likely BURNED OUT!

If you have experience difficulty focusing and staying on task, your fighting the war on belly fat and losing, you have noticed a loss in many of life’s  Pleasures, …… YOU NEED HELP…

Your Adrenal Glands are most likely BURNED OUT!

Ignoring Adrenal Fatigue is one of the best ways to stay sick…

That’s why I created this FREE series of video tutorials called “Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue” – (Yes! I know Most doctors are trying to sell you something, THATS NOT MY GOAL HERE. I simply want to help people like you, experience a better quality of Life without Antidepressants, sleeping pills and other toxic poisonous medications that never get to the root cause.

I have four children and if you’re a mom, dad or soon to be mom or dad, you need to regain your health- so you can be the very best for them. I am also talking from personal experience as I battled chronic fatigue syndrome for 11 years without any help from the medical system!

Everything You Need to Know About Adrenal Glands

  • What’s exactly happening with Adrenal Fatigue
  • How to test Adrenals
  • Overlooked Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
  • The Progression and warning signs Your Adrenals are about to Burn out.
  • 5 Natural Supplements that can help strengthen and reenergize the Gland.
  • Things that make it worse (that you could be doing right now)
  • Things that make it better (that you can do right away)

Here’s What I Cover In This FREE Series For You.

Video #1

What is Adrenal Fatigue & How It Really Needs To Be Tested

cfs1Suffering with ongoing Stress, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Focus and Concentration, Blood Sugar problems, Low Thyroid or Hormone imbalances? Your Chronic health problem may be getting worse because your adrenal glands are not working optimally. In this video, Video #1,Dr Hagmeyer, clinic director at the Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions explains the pivotal role your adrenal glands play. Many people who experience these symptoms may have had their blood cortisol levels or DHEA tested and told everything is “normal”. If you can relate watch todays video and learn how this vital gland could be contributing to your problem.

Video #2

Understanding Why The Rhythm of The Adrenals Is So Important

video 2 cfsUnderstanding the natural adrenal rhythm is critical to the improvement of adrenal fatigue.

In this video, Dr. Hagmeyer also explains #1 mistake people who suffer with sleeping problems continue to make. Dr Hagmeyer will also explain, why melatonin most likely wont fix your sleeping problem.

Video #3

What You Can Do To Get A Good Night Sleep

cfs video 3Adrenal Fatigue Video #3- Dr Hagmeyer clinic director of The Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions explains salivary testing and why cortisol levels tested through blood is notoriously inaccurate.

This video will help you understand the critical relationship between DHEA/Cortisol levels, why you feel mentally fatigued and why you may have symptoms of low thyroid, low testosterone and low progesterone.

Video #4

5 Powerful Herbs That Can Help Support Your Brain and Your Adrenals

5herbsIn this video Dr. Hagmeyer explains some of his favorite Herbs for the natural support of adrenal function- Why he uses them, how they work.


Video #5

 Anxiety Adrenal and Thyroid ConnectionSleep And Adrenal Fatigue

Dr Hagmeyer explains the Connection Between Adrenal Dysfunction and sleep. The Adrenal-sleeping disorder connection is so often overlooked, yet it is one the critical areas that need investigation if youexperience trouble staying asleep or you  wake up at 2 or 3 am.

In this video, Dr Hagmeyer shows several examples of his patients and explains how their symptoms (difficulty staying asleep, anxiety, Brain fog, weight gain) correlate to the abnormal findings shown on there tests. You will see how correcting this problem can have a drastic impact on sleep quality.

Video #6

Stress And Anxiety The Connection To Your Thyroid

stress and anxiety

Dr Hagmeyer explains the Connection Between Anxiety and the Thyroid. Many patients we work with experience panic attacks. At the root cause, we often find not only many metabolic imbalances but a mismanaged thyroid problem. You may not need antianxiety medications, sleeping pills or antidepressants, you MAY need to optimize your Thyroid function, address blood sugar problems and support your brain.

If you have been told your thyroid is “normal”  but continue to suffer with anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, you may have a functional thyroid disorder that shows “normal” on testing. Don’t be a victim of inaccuracies in lab ranges.

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