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Non-Drug Relief for ADD and ADHD for Children and Adults

When it comes to ADD, ADHD, or Autism you have to take a step back and get a BIG PICTURE OF THE WHOLE PERSON. Ninety-nine percent of our patients have already been to 5, 6 – even 7 doctors. With little or no long-lasting results.

The very first thing you should know is – I do things differently. I don’t do things the same way as other doctors and other healthcare practitioners, even ones that you’ve seen.

The biggest striking difference is the treatment philosophy at

Treat the Individual Not The Diagnosis.treatment for children with adhd

To get great results, we have to be really good detectives. That means looking at areas that are often neglected,  missed or overlooked. If you have a child who was recently diagnosed by physician, a teacher or the next door neighbor, I want you to realize that a diagnosis is just a label. It’s just a word. It doesn’t tell us what to do about it, it doesn’t tell us whats wrong, it doesn’t where the body needs help.

People are misdiagnosed everyday with everything from strep throat to cancer.

If you came to me and said “my child can’t focus,” or “My child has ADHD”…that would be a place to start. There are literally hundreds of different possible causes or mechanisms behind poor focus, lack of concentration, impulsivity, disconnection, and lack of interest in life.

What we do is ask…

  1. What is the mechanism?
  2. Why is this happening?

To answer these questions we implement:

  • Functional Endocrinology
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Functional Immunology
  • Metabolic Rebalancing
  • Functional Medicine

These cutting-edge evidence based approach, examine Hormonal Function, Immune function, Gastrointestinal Function, Neurotransmitter metabolism, Food sensitivities/allergies/intolerances and Neurology. These are all connected in what we call the BIG Picture. ADD and ADHD are neurobehavioral disorders caused from a disconnect in the frontal lobe.

Non-Drug Relief for ADD and ADHD for Children and Adults 4

ADD/ADHD has become so common almost everyone knows a family coping with this frustrating condition. Most of us only see the behavioral effects of ADD/ADHD…the lack of focus and organization, lagging social skills and the frustration that comes with it all. We invite you to more about the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

Parents not only worry about how their child will make it through school, but will their condition affect the kids ability to hold down a good job, could ADD/ADHD even limit their ability to make a living and realize their full potential in life?

It’s not that these kids can’t focus, they can certainly pay attention to highly stimulating activities like video games and TV, but they can’t stay focused when the environmental stimulation is low. They start to daydream, fidget and disconnect from the situation. They often don’t even know they are doing it. And, certainly they don’t know how to stop it.

What You Should Remember

ADD/ADHD/Autism is a Metabolic problem, it is an Immunological problem, It is a Gastro-Intestinal Problem and it is a Neurological problem.  Treatment must address ALL of these areas! 

Medications often only bring temporary relief because they don’t address the underlying cause of this brain imbalance- Often they compound the problem and further causes imbalances.

Metabolically we look at things like diet, oxidative stress, Yeast overgrowth, Nutritional deficiencies, Heavy Metals toxicity, Infection, Mitochondrial dysfunction, Leaky gut, Gut dysbiosis and so much more. We need to look at the Big Picture in order to support the dysfunctional metabolic pathways. Once we have identified these disturbances in the metabolic pathways, your child will have the best chance at healing!

If you are interested in seeing if your child is a candidate for our Natural Non Drug based treatment Program:

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