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New Testing For Mold, and Heavy Metals Offers New Treatment Options.

Cyrex Array 11- New Testing For Environmental Chemical Sensitivities- Mold Toxins,BPA and Heavy Metals  And Why This Is Important If you suffer with an Autoimmune Disorder

household-chemicals-toxins Cyrex array 11In developed countries, exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) is significant and continuous. It is found in plastics such as water bottles, metal can linings, dental sealants, toys, and other products, and can leach out of these products, especially when exposed to heat or acidity (Welshons et al. 2006).
Worldwide, over 6 billion pounds of BPA are produced each year, and over 100 tons are released into the air annually (Vandenberg et al. 2009).

Over the last 10 years it is becoming more and more evident how environmental toxins, GMOS, Plastics, Parabens, pesticides, herbicides, gluten, heavy metals and xenoestrogens are contributing to chronic health problems as well as the skyrocketing increase in autoimmune diseases.

These environmental toxins that we have become surrounded by can pose a number of serious health problems.  What’s exciting in the field of functional medicine, is that we are now beginning to test and see the correlation of these environmental and autoimmune disease triggers.
If you’ve been following my blog for any time, then you know that sensitivities or intolerances to food, such as gluten, can trigger autoimmune processes in your body. Typically you have to have a genetic predisposition to autoimmune attack to begin with, and then exposure to environmental substances (foods) can make your immune system turn against you.

The very definition of an autoimmune attack is when your own immune system (which is designed to determine self from non-self) starts targeting something in your body for attack, like a rabid dog attacking its owner!

autoimmune diseases disproportionately affecting women Less than 10 years ago, the recognition that antibodies against self-tissue, a primary mechanism in the development of autoimmune disease, were present YEARS BEFORE any recognizable symptoms, gave rationale and validity to the study of predicting vulnerability to developing autoimmune disease.

Besides foods being a trigger for autoimmune processes, various sensitivities to other substances, such as molds, metals, plastics, etc. can be a trigger as well.

Up until now there has not been a way to determine if you were having an autoimmune problem due to chemicals or metals. We are excited to introduce a breakthrough technology that identifies immune responses to chemicals bound to human proteins called (neoantigens) through our relationship with Cyrex labs. .

This Is The First Test To Measure The Actual Immune Response To Chemicals, Instead Of Simply Detecting The Level Of Chemical Exposure/Load.

Suppose a patient tested positive for Aflatoxin on Cyrex Array 11, and positive for Myelin antibodies on Cyrex Array 5 and they re-introduced grains again (after a period of time when grains of all types were avoided to aid in healing a leaky gut).

They would be creating an auto-immune attack on their nervous system every time they ate a contaminated grain (often stored grains contain aflatoxins)

Another example. If a patient tested positive for Bisphenol A (BPA) on Cyrex Array 11 and they also had GAD antibodies every time they drank out of a plastic bottled water, or used a plastic lid on their coffee cup, they could be creating an auto-immune attack on their brain, pancreas and colon.

bispenol a and thyroid disruption dr hagmeyer
This study shows a clear association between bisphenol A and Thyroid disease.
What if a parent had two infant children that have autism and the children tested positive for Tetrabromobisphenol A, (which is a fire retardant in pajamas). Every time they put on their PJ’s, they could be initiating an auto immune attack on their brain.

Increased chemical antibodies indicate a heightened immune response and a loss of tolerance to chemicals commonly found in the environment.  Immune reactivity may lead to diverse health conditions and autoimmunity.
Cyrex Labs is confident that this breakthrough technology has the potential to transform doctors’ ability to help their patients’ lives.

Here Is A Breakdown Of The Environmental Triggers Found in Array 11.

  1. Aflatoxins
  2. Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde
  3. Isocyanate
  4. Trimellitic and Phthalic Anhydrides
  5. Benzene Ring Compounds
  6. BPA Binding Protein
  7. Bisphenol A
  8. Tetrabromobisphenol A
  9. Tetrachloroethylene
  10. Parabens
  11. Mercury Compound
  12. Mixed Heavy Metals (Nickel, Cobalt, Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic)

Here is an Example Of A Recent Patient Who was suffering with Motor Tics, Chronic Migraines, Celiac disease and continuous Brain Fog.

array 11

Where Do I Find These Toxins

Aflatoxins – are produced by a species of bacteria and can be commonly found in some foods and even some cosmetics.

Formaldehyde – is in the home is typically found in wood furnishes, space heaters it is even often found in car seats – makes it when your car heats up during the summer with windows up it is important to let the car air out before entering because the amount of formaldehyde in the air is quite concentrated. It is also found in adhesives – so it is important to wear gloves when dealing with adhesives.

Glutaraldehyde – tends to be mixed with formaldehyde – can used as a disinfectant and as a preservative.

Isocyanate – commonly used in paints and varnishes and protective coatings like truck beds decks, boats.

Trimellitic, Phthalic Anhydrides and BPA Binding Protein – typically found in plastics like water bottles.

Benzene Ring Compounds – typically found in blackened foods so it is important not to cooks your meats until they are black – any black areas are consider benzene and are carcinogenic.

Bisphenol A (BPA) – Found in plastics, especially plastics with recycle symbols 3 and 7. It is important to avoid drinking from these bottles if they have been sitting in a warm car where BPA can leach into the liquid faster. It is important to make sure your baby bottles use BPA Free plastics.

Tetrabromobisphenol A – typically found in circuit boards, epoxies and flame retardants.

Tetrachloroethylene – in dry cleaning processes – important to ask your dry cleaner if they use this chemical and try to avoid it – if they do the clothes the be aired out before wearing them.

Parabens – the main sources for parabens deodorants and antiperspirants high contributor to breast cancer and autoimmune disorders, also found in toothpaste, lotions, sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, shaving gel, makeup, pharmaceutical drugs and food additives.

Mercury Compounds – sources dental amalgams, power plants that leach mercury into water systems which go into our oceans. Mercury can also be vaporized into the air.

Mixed Heavy Metals (Toxic)- Nickel, Cobalt, Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic


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