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Neurotransmitter Brain Quiz Answers: The O Group

The “O” Group is named for the Opioid neurotransmitters contained in the Hypothalamus Gland.

These neurotransmitters have two primary functions:

1. Opioids are released in small bursts when we feel a sense of urgency (stress). Some individuals thrive on this sense of urgency. They love just meeting deadlines, racing around to get things done. They seem to feed off of this adrenaline rush.

A sense of urgency can help us get out of bed in the morning or get the kids off to school. However, if you can never turn this sense of urgency off, you’ll eventually deplete the opioids along with other vital hormones including cortisol, and DHEA.

As a way to turn off the constant mind chatter, those in the “O Group” use stimulants and mind numbing chemicals (alcohol, marijuana, food, etc.) to escape the constant pressure they place on themselves to be more, do more, have more. Type A’s are often overcome by opioid burn out. They cannot sit still. Until one day the bottom falls out and they “just can’t do it anymore.”

Alcohol and other chemicals can temporarily relieve the anxious feelings associated with opioid overload. They do so by providing artificial opioids. Unfortunately, these artificial opioids also cause the Opioid manufacturing cells in your brain to reduce their output.

In the long run these cells lose their ability to produce the needed opioid neurotransmitters. You then crave the artificial opioids and an addiction has been born.

2. When you exercise, your body causes extra quantities of the opioids to be released. This takes away the pain of sore muscles and may provide a feeling of euphoria. Long distance runners and other avid exercise enthusiast are well aware of “The High” that comes from pushing the body past its normal limits. The opioids play an important role in pain modulation.

A deficiency of opioids can lower our pain threshold. A lowered pain threshold means being more

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