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Naperville Neuropathy and Diabetes Treatment. Do You Know The Risks Associated With Blood Sugar Lowering Medications? Dr. Hagmeyer from the Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions Responds.

The Drug Companies Would Have You Believe That There Is No Danger or Risk In Blood Sugar Lowering Medications.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Just a few years ago one of the popular diabetes drugs – called Avandia – was shown to INCREASE the risk of heart attacks by 43%* – and INCREASE cardiovascular fatalities by a whopping 64% compared to patients not on the drug.

The scary thing is the Senate investigation showed that the drug makers knew about the heart problems for well over 4 years before the information was made public … they hid the information from us and people died as a result … just to turn a buck (more like millions of bucks).
How could they knowingly put patients as risk of death just for profit? People just like you and I.
What do drug makers know about serious side effects of your current medications that they are not revealing?

It could be 4 years after taking the drug day by day that we find that you are in serious risk due to a fatal side effect.

Did you know that research shows that specific lifestyle and diet Modifications have been shown to reverse pre-diabetes and can even reduce or completely eliminate your dependence on oral medications if you are already diabetic?

reverse diabetes

Your doctor and the health care system just don’t have time to walk you step-by-step and guide you through the process of turning your diabetes around.

Learn More About The Dangerous Side Effects of Metformin and Glucophage here
I’m Sure your doctor told you to eat less, lose weight! Well….that just doesn’t cut it, if your plan is to beat this disease and get your life back
We help patients every day through this process. It is our primary focus – we have the time the expertise and a systematic approach, to help you make big changes and avoid the serious and potential side effects of medications and uncontrolled blood sugars.

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