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Thyroid Symptoms Even Despite “Normal” Lab Tests?

Naperville Doctor Explains Why You Still Experience Thyroid Symptoms Despite Normal Lab Results

“Which pattern of Hypothyroidism are you suffering From ?” Thats the first quesion that needs to be asked! Why ? Because each pattern has a set of different causes or mechanisms. If you dont know what pattern your thyroid falls into, theres no way you will ever fix your thryoid.

why do I still have thyroid problems

If you don’t know you better find out…

Chances are you have been misdiagnosed or you are being mismanaged when it comes to your thyroid gland. If you are reading this you probably have been prescribed some sort of thyroid replacement but yet you still have debilitating symptoms.

You have probably never been told what you will read in this email. Some of the ways that your thyroid can go wrong include:

Primary Hypothyroidism – This is the one thyroid pattern that responds well to replacement hormones. It is also the least common cause of thyroid dysfunction. If caught in enough time and proper care is given, thyroid replacement hormones may not be needed.

Hypothyroidism Secondary to Decreased Pituitary Output – If your pituitary gland (located in your brain) is not producing enough Thyroid releasing hormone, your thyroid suffers. Giving thyroid hormone further suppresses the pituitary output and you end up worse in the long run.

Thyroid Under conversion – Your thyroid produces most of it’s hormone in a non-active form. Conversion to the active form of the hormone requires proper enzyme function in the liver and in your stomach. No amount of replacement hormone will fix this unless all of the things that affect conversion are fully evaluated and fixed. This is why we do a full metabolic workup and a complete thyroid panel to evaluate thyroid problems.

Thyroid Over conversion – Some people, due to various metabolic imbalances convert too much hormone into the active form. This sounds like it would be beneficial but it is not. It causes the cells to produce less receptor sites because they are being bombarded with thyroid hormone, resulting in symptoms of hypothyroidism despite high levels of hormones in the body. Sadly most people with thyroid over conversion are still placed on replacement, making the problem worse.  These are often women who have elevated levels of testosterone, suffer from PCOS, or have insulin Resistance.

Thyroid Binding Hormone Elevations – Many women, especially those on Birth control pills, replacement estrogen and woman suffering from endometriosis have this pattern. Another concept you must understand about thyroid  hormones is that because they are steroid based, meaning they do not mix well with water, they must be bound to proteins in order to be transported through the blood to cells. If your body creates too much binding protein then you don’t have enough hormones in a “free unbound state” to bind to receptors on cells. This will create symptoms of hypothyroidism despite normal thyroid levels on lab testing.

Autoimmune Thyroid – this is where your body attacks and kills your thyroid cells. This is the most common cause of low thyroid function in the United States. This is also know as Hashimotos Thyroiditis. This requires special testing. If you continue to suffer with Thyroid Symptoms despite taking hormone replacement, you probably have a more serious problem on your hands.  Many women suffering, may have more than one of these patterns developing.

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Dr Hagmeyer is a leader and pioneer in natural treatment for Thyroid Disorders as well as Hashimotos Autoimmune thyroid disease. He consults doctors and patients from around the country. For more information on how you can overcome your thyroid problem with out medication and receive a FREE Guide fill out your name and email in the box on the right hand side of this screen.

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