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Naperville Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment|Dr Hagmeyer Sharol’s Fibromyalgia Testimonial

Sharol Has Suffered terribly for Years and Years with Fibromyalgia, Stomach pains, Restless Leg Syndrome, Head aches and Post Polio Syndrome.

Today has been a gift to me. I was able to vacuum, Dust, clean the floors, and prepare several healthy meals and have strength left over YAHOO!!!!

Why Do I start my testimonial this way? because it has been years since i have been able to do all these things on my own and especially in one day. I am a widow and grandmother who for most of my life have suffered from widespread body pain, loss of stamina, weight gain, Fatigue and restless leg syndrome. Having had polio and Fibromyalgia these two conditions have made me miserable. These conditions have been my curse on my well being and there there have been time when I just wanted to give up.

With Dr. Hagmeyer’s expertise in functional medicine, and advanced chiropractic care, I no longer have the widespread pain I once had, I no longer have the debilitating fatigue, no more restless leg syndrome, I’m happier, my stomach no longer hurts and burns the way it use too and I have lost almost 30 pounds in 5 months. No other doctor has been able to help me this way. I have seen many medical doctors as well as chiropractors. But None have helped me the way Dr Hagmeyer has.

Dr Hagmeyer has given me a new lease on life!. I thank God that Finally, I have a Dr. who listens to me and doesn’t just order another pill that does no good. By the way I no longer take 7 different medications daily. Is this not a real Gift and a true blessing from God? I think so!

Thanks Dr Hagmeyer!

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