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Naperville IL. Diabetes Diet. Why Diabetes Diets Don’t Work. Part II Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions. Dr Richard Hagmeyer

diabetes-diets1Why Diabetes Diets Don’t Work For Diabetics and Neuropathy Sufferers.

Dr Richard Hagmeyer

I wanted to spend a little bit more time on Diet and Diabetes because one of the most common complaints I hear from patients seeking Relief from Diabetes is that they followed a Diabetes diet and it didn’t work. Let’s examine why it failed and what the long term consequences of thinking you can go on eating what you want truly are.

In doing a quick Google search on diabetes diets, it’s easy to see why most people who have type 2 diabetes are frustrated. One of the first websites I clicked on giving diabetes diet recommendations, which it said followed the American Diabetes Association guidelines. They gave the following recommendations:

1. Eat more starches
2. Consume more grains
3. Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day, and
4. Eat sweets in moderation. They also said for breakfast that you should have cold cereal with skim milk and a bagel with a teaspoon of jelly on it.

As you can imagine that sound pretty much like what you have been told to do your whole life! If you are following anything remotely similar to this “Diabetes Diet” recommendations, you are destined to only get worse year after year. I don’t care if you are taking your diabetes medication faithfully and your blood sugar is “under control”. This lifestyle of eating will KILL YOU!

This Can be disastrous to the Diabetic who also suffers with Gluten Sensitivity Peripheral Neuropathy.

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Remember this is what most of my diabetic patients have been told to eat by their dietician who usually follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines. I will tell you, don’t expect to get better if you continue to follow these recommendations.

  1. Cold Cereal– is filled with grains and carbohydrates and both are explosive for blood sugar. If you aren’t sure, just try having a bowl and testing your blood sugar about two hours later.
  2. Skim Milk– also has carbohydrates in it and taking the fat out of the milk doesn’t do you much good either. The fat would actually slow down the release of carbohydrate sugars from the milk and the cereal meaning it would be better to have the fat in the milk.
  3. Bagels– are loaded with carbohydrates and explosive to blood sugar levels.
  4. Jelly –is basically pure sugar being put on top of a carbohydrate bomb.

This Can be disastrous to the Diabetic who also suffers with Gluten Sensitivity Peripheral Neuropathy.

Learn more about Peripheral Neuropathy here

It’s hard to believe that anyone trying to help someone with Insulin Resistance, diabetes or type 2 diabetes would recommend a breakfast like this. These recommendations have put many of my own personal family members in the grave early. Unfortunately, this was long before I knew, what I now know.
This “Diabetes diet” information came right out of the old food guide pyramid. Patients with type 2 diabetes are going in and paying professionals to teach them this type of information.
Why would it be ok for someone with type 2 diabetes (Insulin Resistance) or diabetes to eat such a large quantity of carbohydrates and grains for breakfast or any other meal?
Maybe because we are too afraid to tell you the truth… There an awful lot of money at stake keeping you sick. Think about it…………..We keep you eating all of the same food that played a role in getting you sick in the first place, then we start you out on medication, and after 5, 10 or 15 years of ignoring the true cause of your problem, you have MORE health problems of which we offer MORE medications. You become a repeat Customer! But now it’s for blood pressure pills, acid reflux medications, antidepressants, erectile dysfunction meds and the list goes on.
It’s no a surprise to see Why we have epidemic levels of Insulin Resistance (blood sugar levels over 100 but less than 126) type 2 diabetes( blood sugar levels over 127 in the United States.
The best way to fatten up livestock is feeding them carbohydrates and grains. If you have trouble believing this take a look at our children today. They are getting fatter and fatter and Diabetes is exploding within this demographic.
Americans have been treated like live stock. Grains for breakfast, Grains for lunch and Grains for dinner. Take one look at our children’s lunch menus and you will quickly see what I mean. Fatten them up and then send them to the slaughter house.
Take a look at the statistics for Diabetics and you will quickly see that they are not pretty, limb amputations due to Peripheral Neuropathy, blindness, Sexual dysfunction, Kidney dialysis, increased risk factors for stroke and cancer and this is all while you faithfully take your medications.

It’s easy to see why Diabetics don’t get better, when we are teaching this kind of Nutritional Advice.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, and you are Ready to get well, Request Our Free Guide that explains a Natural Drug Free approach that is changing the lives of Diabetics and Prediabetics every day.

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