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IBS Natural and Holistic Treatments That Work. Antibiotics and IBS. Dr Hagmeyer

How Antibiotics Lead to IBS

atomic bomb explosion
IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Like an Atomic Bomb Exploding.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common ailments of the bowel (intestines) and affects an estimated 15% of people in the US. The term, irritable bowel, is not a particularly accurate one since it implies that the bowel is responding irritably to normal stimuli, and this may or may not be the case. The several terms used for IBS, including spastic colon, spastic colitis, and mucous colitis, attest to the difficulty of getting a descriptive handle on the ailment. Moreover, each of the other names is itself as problematic as the term IBS.

IBS is best described as a functional disease. The concept of functional disease is particularly useful when discussing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The concept applies to the muscular organs of the gastrointestinal tract; the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, gallbladder, and colon. What is meant by the term, functional, is that either the muscles of the organs or the nerves that control the organs are not working normally, and, as a result, the organs do not function normally. The nerves that control the organs include not only the nerves that lie within the muscles of the organs but also the nerves of the spinal cord and brain to which they are connected.

The Key Reasons You Have IBS Gastrointestinal Problems are:

The Ten Keys to Better Health.
1. Altered levels of beneficial bacteria (probiotics)
2. Possible presence of infectious bacteria, yeast or parasites this is called dysbiosis.
3. Lack of digestive enzymes (especially if you have lost your gall bladder)
4. Loss of bowel chemistry PH,
5. Intolerances to Dairy products
6. Intolerances to Fructose containing foods
7. Intolerances to Egg, Soy containing foods
8. Celiac Disease (a gluten problem, but different than a gluten intolerance)
9. Food Sensitivities
10. Hormonal Imbalances

Over The Next Several Articles We Will Look at each of these more closely. IBS is a complex problem as you can see from its many causes. To understand IBS requires functional testing. With the Right testing we can learn why IBS is occurring and in the vast majority of cases correct the underlying cause. Todays post is on just one of the many causes of IBS which includes antibiotics.

Reason#1 Use of Antibiotics Cause IBS

Antiobiotics Can Cause IBSOne of the most important and most misunderstood aspects of human health is the role that healthy gut flora has on the prevention of disease.

Since this blog is dedicated to Gastrointestinal problems such as IBS we will focus on how antibiotics create the terrain that is primed for the development of IBS, Leaky Gut.

Research continues to uncover just how important this micro flora is and how antibiotic therapy affect many aspects of health, regardless of the length of treatment and the reason it was taken. We are just now starting to understand that the microflora of the gut effect weight loss, mood, thyroid hormone conversion, leaky gut, autoimmune conditionsand IBS.

To Learn more about Leaky Gut and IBS Click here

While antibiotics have had a positive impact in certain area of disease treatment, there is no question that we are now seeing the devastating affects antibiotics use and abuse have caused.

These consequences not only affect our individual health, but research is showing that it may even be causing permanent changes to the micro flora of all people from generation to generation.

Studies have found that after a single treatment of antibiotics, demonstrated a significant change in the variety of bacterial strains, and the development of the pathogen Clostridium difficile. (1) C. difficile colonization in the gut can lead to serious complications such as severe diarrhea and colitis. (2)

Regardless of WHY you were on Antibiotics, or HOW LONG you took Antibiotics makes no difference.

Antibiotics destroys the delicate balance within you Gastrointestinal system and play a major role in creating the environment that is primed for IBS. (3)

This is unfortunate advice for so many people as a search on the internet yields pages on pages of how antibiotics treat and cures IBS.  As you can see from what we now know about antibiotics, they disrupt flora, cause leaky gut, break down intestinal barriers and have a negative impact on our immune system.

As the saying goes history often repeats itself. If your IBS is caused by bacteria, killing the bacteria with antibiotics can relieve some of the symptoms. However the question that needs to be asked is why are certain types of disease causing bacteria predominating in the Gastrointestinal system to begin with?

In my practice we have many children who have been on rounds and rounds of antibiotics for ear infections and respiratory infections. Why does the ear infection continue to come back in just a few months?

Because the cause of the problem was not the bacteria, instead it was the environment and the health of the tissue. Healthy tissues are designed to resist disease. Unhealthy, sick, weak tissue are prime candidates for infection and disease states such as IBS.

If you have taken 2 rounds of antibiotics or 200 courses, whether you took them all before you were 5 years old or throughout your lifetime. Each time, you destroyed a portion of the bacterial balance so important for gastrointestinal health.

Each choice we make comes with consequences. The purpose of this post is not to suggest that antibiotics are “bad” and we should never take them. Instead you need to understand that choice comes with a price, and it’s one that we’re only just beginning to understand the full implications of.

My goal here is simply to raise awareness of this price – the harmful and potentially lasting effects of antibiotics – so that you can make a more informed choice.

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Functional Medicine Takes a different approach. Realizing that your body and its system are integrated, It only makes sense to look at testing that reveals each patients unique physiology.

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1. The effects of antibiotic use on gastrointestinal function.

2. Antibiotics can permanently destroy gut flora balance, leading to lifelong illness

3. Leaky gut and IBS connection

4. Information about IBS. This is a good starting point. Start Here

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