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Metabolic Assessment Screening and Discovery Consultation

The Metabolic Assessment Screening is a convenient screening of some of the bodies most fundamental functional systems. It helps us understand all your symptoms, the severity of these symptoms, the frequency of these symptoms and most importantly the patterns of metabolic imbalance. This Metabolic Assessment can help reveal areas where additional testing may be needed or used to determine what nutritional supplementation will benefit you.  There are 12 metabolic areas that can be assessed.

  1. Digestion
  2. Blood sugarMAf form image
  3. Adrenal glands
  4. Electrolytes
  5. Stomach hyper acidity
  6. Stomach hypo acidity
  7. Chemical tolerance
  8. Peripheral utilization of sugars
  9. Thyroid
  10. Adrenal
  11. Male Hormones
  12. Female Hormones

The Metabolic Assessment Screening is a questionnaire where the patient circles the severity of a symptom (1-3) or the frequency at which that symptom occurs (Rarely, Sometimes, Never). There are a several questions associated with each category and some questions are asked multiple times in order to further understand the metabolic connections.  Each category represents a different system of the body ie Stomach, Thyroid, Blood sugar, Adrenals, etc. Depending on your goals, Dr Hagmeyer will review this with you, and help you understand areas of metabolic imbalance/dysfunction and or where additional testings will be helpful.

This Metabolic Assessment Screening And Consultation Is Perfect If You Are:

  1. Someone who suffers with Fatigue, Brain fog, Insomnia, Inner tension, GI problems, Hormone imbalances, Thyroid problems, Toxicity or any other metabolic imbalance.
  2. Someone who desires a natural approach to restoring health and is interested in identifying where their potential metabolic weaknesses are.
  3. Someone who is interested in how Functional Medicine would approach these health concerns and metabolic weaknesses.

What Does The Metabolic Assessment Screening and Discovery Consultation Include?

  1. Dr Hagmeyer will review the Metabolic Assessment Form identifying patterns of metabolic or nutritional dysfunction prior to your discovery Consultation.
  2. 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the results of the screening and recommendations on “what to do next”
  3. Recommended supplements.

Thyroid Function And Neurotransmitter

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Complete Dr Hagmeyers Metabolic Assessment form. It can be downloaded Here or if you prefer to fill it out on line you can click Here
  2. Be sure to Save the form to your Desktop so that you have a copy during the consultation.
  3. e-mail the Metabolic Assessment form to and in the Subject line enter “Metabolic Assessment Screening”

Once we receive it, Dr Hagmeyer will review it and within a day or two (sometimes same day) schedule a 30 minute consult to discuss the metabolic patterns and imbalances identified.

Please note that this metabolic assessment does not include the review of previous lab testing. This questionnaire is used to determine what testing may be beneficial to you by looking at the context of all your symptoms and how they may be connected to your primary concerns.

Get your Health back NOW.

Purchase the Metabolic Assessment Screening Consultation

Cost: $99


If you are looking for Dr Hagmeyer to review your blood tests and offer a second opinion, consider adding the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis as well as the Metabolic Assessment Screening. You can learn more about the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis here