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Leaky Gut Syndrome

Are you, or is someone you love, suffering from Food Allergies or Sensitivity to Certain Foods, Mood or Mental Health Issues, Low energy or an Autoimmune Disease?

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Many people don’t realize that these symptoms are frequently caused by a SIBO or SIFO

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Did you know that 78% of People diagnosed with IBS have A Leaky Gut

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Leaky gut syndrome is a fairly new health problem in terms of the medical profession. Until recently, conventional medicine failed to consider leaky gut as a potential origin of any health conditions. Luckily, that’s now changed and conventional medicine is at least beginning to understand how important your gut is to your health. Around 80% of your immune system resides in your gut and it also determines your level of nutrition. So, it should be obvious how important your gut is to your overall health.

Just as important to your health is the connection between your gut and your brain. These two organs communicate constantly, so the health of one directly influences the health of the other. Basically this means that you can’t have a healthy brain if your gut is unhealthy. So, if you experience leaky gut symptoms, it’s time to do something about them.

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What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that occurs when the endothelial cells lining the intestines develop loose junctions or spaces between them. These cells are designed to keep everything where it belongs, from food particles and waste to toxins and other organisms that can harm you. They cover an astonishing 4,000 square feet of surface area inside the intestines and are usually a tight barrier that keeps substances in the intestine where they can be expelled from the body. When you’re healthy, the junctions between these cells are tight, and only allow nutrients to pass through them.

However, when you have leaky gut syndrome, this barrier becomes loose or damaged, allowing substances such as toxins and partially digested food particles to escape into other parts of the body. These molecules are larger than the nutrients that normally passing through the gut barrier. Your body recognizes these molecules as foreign particles that are invading the body. In response, the immune system activates to fight off the invasion and inflammation spreads throughout the body

Leaky Gut Can Lead to Other Conditions

Many researchers and clinicians believe there are a number of health conditions that can arise from leaky gut syndrome. And leaky gut syndrome doesn’t just affect the immediate area either. There is evidence that it can cause problems throughout the body, some of them very serious.

Some of the associated conditions are:

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Autoimmune Disorders and Neurological Problems

When your immune cells come into contact with infected cells, they at times become ‘killer cells’ due to working overtime and becoming stressed, accidentally attacking healthy cells and causing autoimmune disorders. These include Crohn’s, diabetes, lupus, Hashimoto’s, and celiac disease.

Studies have shown that there is also a correlation between leaky gut and neurological problems, such as Alzheimer’s, autism, migraines, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and multiple sclerosis (MS).

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