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How High Reverse T3 Causes Low Thyroid Symptoms-Dr Hagmeyer Video

There are many reasons that cause your body to start creating (rT3) reverse T3 over T3.  And if you are someone who has thyroid disease, understanding why this is important can help you get your thyroid back under control. One of the biggest problems thyroid patients report is the ups and downs with their thyroid symptoms. If you feel like you have been on the Thyroid roller coaster, it might be time to understand more about the relationship between reverse T3 to your Thyroid. Elevated reverse T3 (rT3) levels can be caused by almost any serious or prolonged illness.

The main culprits behind an elevated Reverse T3 include;

  1. Malnutrition or Calorie restriction

  2. Nutrient Deficiencies

  3. Chronic System Inflammation

  4. Poor Gut Health

  5. Prolonged illness

  6. Chronic Stress or Adrenal Fatigue

A healthy thyroid produces the following hormones: T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. But, did you know that high levels of Reverse T3 will cause low Thyroid symptoms. Reverse T3 or RT3 comes from the conversion of the storage hormone T4. While it is normal to produce small amounts of Reverse T3, too much reverse T3, can cause problems with your Thyroid and ultimately create Low Thyroid Symptoms. 

Under times of stress or high cortisol, more T4 converts to the reverse T3 form, then once conditions return to normal the conversion to reverse T3 returns to a normal amount.  Sometimes people get “stuck” making too much reverse T3.

If someone is on thyroid medication and has a healthy total T3 and free T3 levels, but still has low thyroid symptoms, it’s time to check reverse T3.  If they have a relatively high reverse T3 level, giving them anything with T4 in it would just convert to more reverse T3.  In this case one should also consider the underlying causes of high reverse T3 and especially work to lower cortisol, lower stress, eliminate infection and address inflammation in the body.

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