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How Do I Apply To Dr Hagmeyers Recovery Program?

While we would love to help every patient who reaches out to our office, we simply can’t. Due to the customized nature of treatment and time spent consulting with patients-We can only accept a certain number of new patients per month. This allows us to deliver specialized care focused on our patients. We believe patients with Chronic Health problems, wont find solutions getting shuffled and rushed from one appointment to the next.

Some of Our Requirements:

  1. Getting your life back requires participation on your part. We believe in a team effort.
  2. To be accepted into our program you must be committed to taking ownership of your health and make the changes necessary. This often means changing various destructive health habits that have causes you sickness and disease in the first place.
  3. If you don’t have a sincere desire to get well, or you are just looking for a quick fix….Dr Hagmeyer’s program is not for you.
  4. If you think our program is the right fit for you and would like to be considered for acceptance Please Read below.

Action Steps For Our Application Process


Initial Program Steps :

STEP 1 Click on the above Video titled “Dr Hagmeyer Explains Functional Medicine”

Please spend a few minutes watching the above video. This video was created to help you understand the mindset of Dr Hagmeyer and how he tackles Chronic Health Problems. After watching this video, you may find Dr Hagmeyer approach exactly what you are looking for. For some individuals you may be in the wrong place.


STEP 2 Schedule a Free 15 minute Phone Consultation

If you feel that you would be a good fit for our program and you wish to have your case considered we offer a15 minute phone consultation Dr Hagmeyer free 15 minute phone consultation.

This is a great opportunity to see if Dr Hagmeyer is a good fit for your Health problems prior to filling out our new patient paperwork.

These appointments are limited and fill up quickly. We ask that only the most serious and dedicated patients use this opportunity. While Dr Hagmeyer would love to field all the questions perspective patients have, he is unable to do so. He still maintains a very busy practice.

If you have questions about cost of care and insurance please do not use this 15 minute time slot.  If you have questions about what kind of supplements you should take Please do not use this 15 minute consultation. Without knowing your health history, or reviewing your records, Dr Hagmeyer can not make recommendations for treatment this would be a huge disservice to you.

You will find many questions to your answers in our FAQ section.


STEP 3 Case Review

At the end of the your initial 15 minute consult, if Dr. Hagmeyer feels his care is appropriate for your case, then you will have the opportunity to schedule a complete case review.


Step 4 Looking To Get Started ASAP?

We understand that for some people they are anxious and they were ready to get started yesterday. If you are looking to get started right away, you can pay for a new patient case review on line by following This link.  We understand that this may seem a little unorthodox, but we know of no other way of being efficient to prioritize this appointment.

Everything you need to know about whats happens during a case review and what is included you will find here. We will be in close contact with you over the phone and through email once we have been notified of this purchase.

This step will by pass the phone consultation and save you several weeks of waiting. Your will also receive priority scheduling. You will often be seen by Dr Hagmeyer within 2-3 weeks from the time your new patient application is received.

Click here If you want to start getting better faster; you can schedule a new patient paid consult and move into treatment right away, without the wait!

Optional Consultation forms- These forms will not take the place of Dr Hagmeyer New Patient Application.

If you would like to Complete A Pre Consultation Questionnaire to Help Dr Hagmeyer understand your case better, Feel free to fill out the appropriate questionnaire below. This is not mandatory but recommended.