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High Reverse T3 Levels- 5 Causes Behind Your High RT3 Levels

For many men and woman suffering with Thyroid Disease, high levels of Reverse T3 levels can disrupt thyroid function. In this article and video, Dr Hagmeyer explains the importance of Reverse T3 and how High or elevated Levels of Reverse T3 can cause Hypothyroidism. You will also learn why it is important to calculate the T3/reverse T3 ratio.

What is Reverse T3 and Why High Levels of rT3 are a problem

Reverse T3 (RT3) is a biologically inactive form of T3. Normally, when the liver converts T4 to T3, it also produces a certain percentage of RT3.

When the body is under stress, such as during a serious illness, autoimmune disease, infection, etc it tries to prevent many tissues that depend on T3 from being metabolically active by producing more RT3 than T3.

This is believed to be a way of conserving energy until the stress is relieved and it causes a syndrome called non-thyroidal illness (NTI).

high levels of RT3 may also be elevated in hyperthyroidism.

Use of the RT3 test remains controversial within traditional medicine, however RT3 in the area of Functional Medicine and Natural Thyroid Treatment, It is invaluable, especially when you calculate the T3/RT3 ratio.

Listen to Dr Hagmeyer explaining some of the common causes behind elevated RT3 as well as why it is important to calculate the T3/rT3 ratio.


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