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High Complexity Case Review

was specifically created for those suffering from a chronic illness

or for those with a more complicated health history.

These are patients who have been bounced from one doctor

to the next and still have no answers / improvements in quality of life. 

The Information

Functional Medicine Program Success Rate - 90% Success Rate

       Do you feel trapped in a body that just feels lousy? told every thing is normal- there’s nothing wrong with you?  It’s miserable, we know.! We have an 90% success rate improving and resolving symptoms related to chronic health problems. We Can help you regain your health and feel good again with our Functional Medicine Program. Your body can heal, and we know what to do.

    Our Signature program (High Complexity Case Review) was specifically created for those suffering from a chronic illness or for those with a more complicated health history. These are patients who have been bounced from one doctor to the next and still have no answers or improvements in quality of life. These are patients who have been told everything is “Normal”- yet they feel awful, These are patients who have been to other Functional Medicine Doctors and didn’t get better. 

What Makes My Office Different?

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I work with men and women who intuitively know something is not right and that their symptoms aren’t just “in their head.”  Our Patients are tired of being bounced from one doctor to the next without answers. Our patients Are looking for answers and natural solutions that are personalized to their needs. Our patients want to feel and live better, now and into the future. 

Feeling full of energy and vitality doesn’t have to be a puzzle anymore. My team will help you harness your health so you can trust your body and feel like YOU again.

Here's What’s Important And Matters to Us.......

Our Solution

The Case Review is the FIRST step for all new patients with a more complex health problems.

       This is where Dr Hagmeyer will really dig into your health story. This is where all the details of your life matter!  This is your chance to share your life-story and give Dr Hagmeyer a glimpse into your daily struggles, and stressors.

         We ask that perspective patients type up a health narrative based on specific questions we have put together to help guide you.  Ultimately, this is your story and your opportunity to tell Dr Hagmeyer everything you want him to know about your health. By  reviewing your past testing, dissecting your health history, reviewing a 7 day food diary, Metabolic Assessment questionnaires, Neurological Assessment questionnaires, Dr Hagmeyer will start connecting the dots and determine the most appropriate lab testing to uncover where your problems are rooted.

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High Complexity Case Review (Signature Program)

This is a very comprehensive approach that leaves no stone left un-turned.  The Signature program was designed  specifically for the person who is suffering with any of these conditions or multiple conditions at the same time.



The way that Dr. Hagmeyer works with patients differs considerably from the conventional medical model you have been accustomed to. Our office focuses on Holistic and Functional Medicine. Dr Hagmeyer does not prescribe medication, nor are we to take the place of your Primary Care physician. Instead, we will focus on the root cause of your health problems based on a thorough review. We believe in testing not guessing.  Functional Medicine looks at how to nurture your body back to health with diet, nutritional supplementation, natural medicine, lifestyle changes and education. It’s all about empowering the patient.

If Dr Hagmeyer’s Big Picture approach is new to you, Please read the following information thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the initial process of becoming a Signature Program Patient.

The Report of Findings

Once you have had a case review and you have gone through the recommended testing, its now time to discuss your results and recommendations for a treatment plan. This visit is called the “Report of Findings”. This visit is approximately 60 minutes and there is no additional charge for this visit. It is important that you have access to a computer for this consult because Dr Hagmeyer will again be using a screen sharing program. The Video below explains in much more detail what you can expect.

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How Would YOUR life Be Different?

If Your Health problem(s) Were GONE or significantly IMPROVED Like these 

Patients? What could you Do? Who could you BE?  What would your Family Life be like ?

Be Our Next Testimonial! We Can Help you get there!

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High Complexity Case Review

  1. Save You Money and Time in the long-term by performing the RIGHT diagnostic testing right from the start.
  2. Identify the missing health pieces making up your "BIG picture" 
  3. Identify specific metabolic imbalances and best way to approach these imbalances.
  4. Determine if our office is a good fit for you over the long-term.
  5. Determine Cost of Testing or Treatment Program.
  1. Review your past test results (10 page max) and metabolic patterns and what he discovered or what he felt was missed by previous doctors.
  2. Review the recommended Functional laboratory Testing, specifically tailored to your personal case and your health goals.
  3. Review the costs of testing. The Case reviews is non refundable once your file has been reviewed and Dr Hagmeyer has finalized his report. 
  1. Review of your Records prior to your consult; detailed health and medical history questionnaire, an assessment of your most troubling and frequently experienced symptoms, 7 day food Journal, survey of your current supplements and medications, Metabolic Assessment Questionnaire, Neurological functional Screening questionnaire. The initial review of records, lab reports, health history is $400.
    The follow up visit (45 minute) to discuss these results, recommended testing and how I want to tackle your case is $195. 
    The Total investment for the Case Review (Records review prior to appointment and 45 minute follow up) is $595. 

Not Sure Where To Start? Need Some Direction?

Take a few minutes to fill out my Health Questionnaire.

Once I know your top health concerns, your goals and what kind of help you are looking for, I will send you back some of my initial recommendations.