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Hashitmotos Sufferers Beware. If You are taking this, it could be making you worse Naperville Thyroid Doctor

Hashimoto’s Sufferers BEWARE – Your Thyroid Supplements may be making you worse.

When a patient is diagnosed with low thyroid production, medically referred to as hypothyroidism, one of the first things commonly prescribed is iodine supplementation. This is logical and valid on the surface. Iodine is a component in thyroid hormone production. Worldwide iodine deficiency is a widespread problem. In areas of the world where iodine is deficient, iodine is the cause of many if not most cases of hypothyroidism. In areas where iodine is not deficient in the food supply, including the United States, iodine is not usually the cause of low thyroid.

In areas of the world with adequate iodine in food, or where salt is iodized, the most common cause of low thyroid is Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of cases of hypothyroidism in the United States is from this autoimmune mechanism. Autoimmune thyroid is not primary hypothyroidism; instead it is a form of hypothyroidism that is caused by immune destruction. The amount of iodine that is contained is iodine supplements and thyroid natural support products act like gas on a burning fire.

In a 2004 article in the journal Thyroid, the author stated “…the explosive mix of iodine, TPO Antibodies, and Hydrogen peroxide necessary for thyroid hormone synthesis, inadvertently provide the trigger for the autoimmune thyroid response.”

It is this misguided inclination to give every hypothyroidism patient high doses of supplemental iodine that leads to increased thyroid gland destruction, and more suffering on the patient’s part.


Most natural healthcare practitioners possess a very limited understanding of autoimmune physiology and continue giving iodine supplements for all cases of hypothyroidism, in the same way as the medical community uses thyroid replacement hormones as a “blanket” treatment for all low thyroid conditions. Some may even have a patient undergo “Iodine Loading” which could destroy the gland permanently.

If you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease then you need to take an inventory of your supplements. Remove supplements that contain iodine, as it is most likely aggravating your condition, and is most likely of many things working against you as you try to properly treat and manage your condition. We get plenty of iodine from a normal balanced diet.

If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism but are not sure whether it is autoimmune, then it is in your best interest to have your doctor check your thyroid antibodies. This will indicate whether your hypothyroidism is from an immune cause and will help guide you in your decision of whether to include iodine supplementation in your diet.

Dr. Richard Hagmeyer is a leader in natural Autoimmune Thyroid Treatment. He treats and consults with Hashimoto’s patients from all over the Country.

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